Sun Sushi: Great for the Poor Starving Students!

Sun Sushi has been on the back of my mind for quite a while now ever since I saw reviews advertising good sushi for a cheap price! In particular, their sushi special, which features 18 pieces and a miso soup for only $5.95, was something that I really wanted to give a try. Well, fast forward a couple months later to when I’m unemployed and didn’t want to spend too much for lunch, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to put my curiosity to rest!



Sushi Special ($5.95):

Consists of a tuna roll, yam roll, and california roll along with a miso soup. The tuna roll was more than acceptable, and I was happy to find that it wasn’t a mushy mess that would have me questioning its freshness. The rice, same for the other rolls as well, had a nice hint of rice vinegar and was cooked pretty well. The yam roll had an unexpected sweetness to it that tasted like caramelization from roasting, so I really enjoyed this roll! The california roll was good, had a stick of imitation crab meat instead of it being shredded, and I liked how fresh the avocados were. The miso soup was average, nothing special.

In general, I enjoyed the food from Sun Sushi. The food is indeed very good for the price! While it isn’t a place you would go to if you were expecting something that would impress your taste buds, it is more than acceptable if you want a nice meal without spending too much. It is located very close to the UBC campus so I can see myself going back in the very near future to try out the bento boxes that I saw a lot of people eating!
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