Samurai Sushi: Because Sometimes, I just Feel like Eating Sushi That’s the Size of my Hand

Sometimes, I feel as though my days of late-night eating and enormous portions are a thing of the past. Not quite sure why, but I think I’m getting old (Gasp!) and I’m just not able to handle the same amount of food I used to eat from restaurants a few years ago. Back in my prime (oh man, I really do sound old now), I used to frequent Samurai Sushi a lot and order a humongous amount of food for myself, as you can see in this post here. I payed the Fraser location a visit the other day, and was actually quite overwhelmed by the amount that I got!


Dynamite Roll ($3.50):

This is the roll at the bottom. Very large in comparison to other restaurants’ dynamite rolls, there was actually a lot of rice that made up the roll. The prawn tempura was obviously not very fresh, coated in a very thick gummy batter. Probably not a roll that I would order again. The rice, same with all the other rolls as well, was gummy in texture although I was surprisingly able to detect a hint of rice vinegar!

Salmon & Avocado Roll ($4.50):

This is the roll at the top left. Slightly more modest in size, the salmon was actually fresher this time than some of my other visits, not lukewarm and had a buttery texture to it. I would choose this one over the dynamite roll.

House Roll (1/2 Order – $6.00):

The house roll was HUGE, even bigger than the other times when I get this roll. Obviously, it was impossible for me to pick this up without everything breaking apart, so I simply picked at every component individually. Inside the roll, there is cucumber, avocado, imitation crab meat, salmon, tuna, and egg in it. It’s a very filling roll for a cheap price, and it’s sure to appease your hunger.


Samurai Sushi is very predictable – enormous pieces of sushi for an extremely affordable price. Obviously, quality is sacrificed here and you don’t expect anything to be high-quality or perfect. And while I wouldn’t recommend this if I was trying to appreciate Japanese cuisine, it sure gets the job done when you just want to fill yourself up without burning a hole in your pocket.
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