Thai Hang Vietnamese Restaurant 2: I Think the Service Went Missing…

Thai Hang is a restaurant that I would have never gone to on my own will. Situated on Kingsway, it is one of the many other Vietnamese restaurants that boast a similar font use and banner appearance. However, one of my cousins suggested this place as a good destination for Vietnamese food and since they are popular enough to open a second location (their original one is on East Hastings St!), I was curious when we decided to go out for a family dinner there! Note: I didn’t get to try all the dishes, so I can only comment for a few of them.


4. Pho Dac Biet ($7.00):

House special beef combination with rice noodle in soup. This looked like a really big portion for such a low price. Apparently, it was decent, but pretty forgettable and nothing outstanding.



 32. Bun Thit Nuong, Cha Gio ($8.00):

Pork skewer and deep fried spring roll on vermicelli. Once again, quite a large portion. The pork had a nice smoky, grilled flavour to it, but the meat was way too tough and dry. The spring rolls were deep-fried to an overly hard crispy state that had very little filling inside. My favourite component of this dish would have to be the vermicelli noodles, since they were cooked perfectly.



37. Bun Ga Nuong ($8.00):

Grilled Chicken on Vermicelli. I think that for this one, the protein was done better than my dish’s.



36. Bun Bo Hue ($8.00):

Beef and pork with rice spaghetti in a spicy soup. Wasn’t able to give this one a try!



43. Com Ga Uop Xa ($8.00):

Grilled lemongrass chicken on steamed rice. This was served in a very different way from the rest of the dishes… not sure if this was supposed to be a more upscale way of serving it, but it kind of looked like there was little food in an oversized plate. As you can see, the chicken came in 2 very different shapes and one had a much more distinctive charring to it. The chicken tasted good, a bit dry, but was still flavourful. The vegetables on the lower right corner is similar to a coleslaw, but with bigger chunks of lettuce instead. The rice was dry and tasted stale.



69. Che Ba Mau ($3.00):

Three coloured bean dessert. This is essentially a sweet Vietnamese dessert soup/beverage made with a variety of different ingredients such as beans or jelly in a coconut cream base. There was WAY too much ice in this drink, so it felt like it was way too pricey for what I got. Besides the ice, there was a nice sweetness from the coconut and red kidney beans.


In general, I didn’t really enjoy my visit to Thai Hang. The portions are pretty big for the prices but I think some of the dishes really failed to deliver. Also, their service is absolutely horrendous. Throughout the whole time of ordering, the waitress kept getting us confused by constantly repeating the order in different orders, giving us funny faces for ordering so much, and having an impatient look on her face when one of us were having a few more moments to decide. The dishes arrived around the same time except for my brother’s so he just sat for 15 minutes while everyone else around the table was eating. My mother ordered the same dish as him and received her’s so I’m not quite sure why his went missing. Even worse, the table next to us received 2 orders of the dish that my brother was still waiting for even though they ordered after us. After seeing the other Urbanspoon reviews, I can see that I’m not the only one who went through the same frustration…
Thai Hang Vietnamese Restaurant 2 輝記越南牛肉粉 on Urbanspoon


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