Earls: A Nice Place to Chat for a Few Hours

I think the last time that I’ve been to an Earls location was 5 years ago with my family for a holiday dinner with some close family friends… Needless to say, I don’t remember much about my previous experience. Therefore, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to give Earls a try again since I was in the area and was planning to chat with my cousin for a bit.


Los Cabos Chicken Tacos w/ Yam Fries ($16.50):

I seriously did not expect this dish to be so beautifully presented! Everything was fresh, vibrant-looking, and flavourful. The chicken was moist and sufficiently covered in a sauce that had a mild spicy kick to it. Even though there were only 2 tacos, they weren’t too small and they do fill you up a bit. The yam fries were nicely made and you could really taste the flavour of them instead of the usual starchiness of regular fries. It does cost an addition $2 to substitute for yam fries instead!



Chicken and Field Mushroom Fettuccini ($17.75):

The portion size of this wasn’t too bad compared to other restaurants of the same category. Pasta was cooked to al dente and lightly coated in the parmesan cream sauce that was a bit on the blander side. My favourite part of this dish, surprisingly, was the wilted spinach, since it added a slightly bitter taste to the pasta that I really liked. The chicken was a little bit on the drier side though.


In general, I enjoyed my visit to Earls. The food wasn’t bad and the portions were a bit bigger than I expected. Service was also excellent, our waitress was very friendly and attentive. The restaurant’s interior is nicely designed with plenty of natural light coming in from where we sat, making this a great place to relax and chat for a few hours!
Earls Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon


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