Denny’s: Free Grand Slam :)

So this year for my birthday, I decided to go get some free food to make myself happy! Yes, I am easily satisfied like that… Anyways, my first stop was breakfast at Denny’s! On your birthday date, you can go to Denny’s and get a free grand slam (worth around $9).


Grand Slam:

Pretty good for a free meal, if I do say so myself. Can’t expect much from such an establishment, but it was filling and did the job. The bacon and sausages were quite greasy though while the pancakes were soft and fluffy.



Ultimate Omelette:

This was a pretty big portion and worth it for the price. The omelette had a very strong peppery kick to it and was filled with a variety of different ingredients. The hashbrowns are always my favourite, I especially like the crispy browner parts.



The Super Bird:

Consists of sliced turkey breast with swiss cheese, bacon, and tomato. This sure isn’t good for you but it was extremely delicious and comforting to eat. The melted cheese helped bind all the components together and the bread was toasted crispy and lightly buttered.


In general, Denny’s was good for a nice birthday breakfast! The grand slam isn’t a lot of food, but I guess you can’t expect much from free food. It’s your typical breakfast fare, but you just have those days when you’re craving some hashbrowns or scrambled eggs.
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