Boston Pizza: At Least Their Wings Were Good…

Aaah Boston Pizza. It’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other. Even back when the Metrotown location was still open, Red Robin was always picked over it. I guess I thought that the price seemed too expensive for what was being offered, but when my cousin wanted to celebrate his birthday at Boston Pizza, I decided that this would be a good opportunity to try it out again!

photo 5

Fried Wings – Double Order ($19.75):

These wings took a while to arrive, but they were served piping hot. The meat was very juicy and tender, and the batter was not too thick! The wings appeared to be a little burnt at some parts though. Choosing two flavours, we got the Salt & Pepper and Honey Garlic. The Salt & Pepper was the clear winner of the two, very nicely seasoned and allowed us to really appreciate the juiciness and flavours of the wings. The Honey Garlic had a very strong taste of honey, and almost no taste of garlic at all. It was a bit over sauced so I would definitely stick with the Salt & Pepper instead.


photo 2

Cactus Cut Potatoes (10.25):

These strangely tasted like the hurricane potatoes found at the night market! Same texture but these were a bit spicier. I found the outer edges of each potato to be a bit tough to chew on. Quite honestly, even though the dip is supposed to be complex, all that I tasted was sour cream. Not the greatest appetizer.


photo 3

Baked Chipotle Bacon Penne ($15.50):

First of all, this looked nothing like the picture. The penne was drowned in the sauce that was too much for even the garlic bread to soak up. The pasta was overcooked. The sauce was basically your average alfredo sauce with a VERY mild kick to it. Even all the extra components like mushrooms, tomatoes, and green onions were not noticeable and did not really add to the flavours at all. Portion was also on the smaller side.


photo 1

Seafood Fettuccini ($18.75):

At least this one resembled the picture a bit more… A bit underwhelming for the price, this time the pasta was cooked right but the sauce was very boring and tasted like a typical cream sauce, no note of the white wine at all. It came with quite an abundance of seafood, although there was a bit of a fishy taste so I’m not quite sure about the freshness. The salmon was cooked very well and probably my favourite one of the seafood, the scallops on the other hand, were undercooked.


photo 4

Boston Royal – Large ($29.95):

And of course, we had to get a pizza in order to get a good review of Boston Pizza! Consists of smoked ham, pepperoni, shrimp, olives, green pepper, onion, mushrooms and mozzarella on top of their signature pizza sauce. It was a lot of stuff to go on one pizza but there wasn’t any particular flavours that stood out. Even the sauce was quite muted down.


In general, I didn’t really enjoy my visit to Boston Pizza. For the price, I felt that most of the dishes really failed to deliver. Not only in terms of portion size, but also flavour-wise. The service was also quite lacking too, since it took us FOREVER to catch our waitress’ attention. When she was present, she was very friendly though, but it’s just frustrating having to pay the 15% gratuity for basically non-existant service.
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