Italian Tomato: Anton’s in Richmond?

For those who find it inconvenient to drive all the way up to North Burnaby for Anton’s, there is another restaurant that offers extremely generous portions of pasta for a low price – Italian Tomato! Meeting up with a friend one night, we decided to head there for dinner and this gave me an opportunity to compare Italian Tomato to Anton’s.

photo 1

Mezza Luna ($18.95):

diced chicken breast, bacon in a garlic cream sauce. Obviously, the portion was very large, although I think that Anton’s is still a bit bigger in portion size. Pasta was very firm and a bit undercooked. The predominant flavour in this pasta would definitely be the garlic. It was VERY strong and I was extremely cautious of my breath after that meal! Bacon was delicious and fatty, chicken was dry, and the cream sauce was your typical cream sauce. This dish didn’t wow me but it was decent enough for the price.


photo 2

Veneziana ($17.95):

spicy Italian sausage, diced chicken breast, garlic in spicy tomato sauce. This dish was the complete opposite of the Mezza Luna in the sense that there was almost a non-existant flavour of garlic. All I could pick out from the sauce was tomato, so not much flavouring/spices for this dish. Pasta was once again undercooked.


Italian Tomato is alright. I still prefer Anton’s but Italian Tomato is much more easier to get to and not as busy. The food is decent, nothing exceptional but I guess for the price, you can’t really complain. This place is not for the health-conscious eater though, since the chefs use a really heavy hand. When I reheated the pasta the next day for lunch, there was a big puddle of oil at the bottom of my bowl!
Italian Tomato on Urbanspoon


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