Asakusa Sushi: Never Had Canned Salmon in a House Roll Before

I seriously need to get back into the mood of food blogging again, but I’m just too tired at the end of the day to open the computer and write a new post! Every day is just a constant repetitive routine of school, work, and volunteer… so to make myself feel better, I ended up eating a lot of food. Which is good for the sake of my happiness… but not so good for my summer diet plan :( …Anyways, enough rambling – so one night after dropping my brother off at Metro, I was craving some sushi and didn’t want to wait  too long at Sushi Garden so I decided to try out Asakusa Sushi!


BC Roll ($3.25):

Man, their rolls are huge. I almost regretted ordering 3 rolls for myself since I probably would have been satisfied with just 2! The BC Roll was alright, the filling wasn’t entirely composed of crispy salmon skin, since there were some chunks of salmon stuck to the skin. The salmon was dry and took away from the texture of the skin, which was a bit too oily. The rice for their sushi is also a bit dry and completely flavourless.

Asakusa Roll ($5.50):

The Asakusa Roll is basically their version of a house roll. Same as any other restaurant’s, but with the addition of canned salmon. This roll was really big and filling. The ingredients were fresh and it tasted pretty good but I don’t think the canned salmon really adds anything to the roll. Probably just to make it look even bigger… but the roll held itself pretty well and did not completely fall apart when I picked it up!



Dragonfly Roll ($7.50):

For a specialty roll, it was huge and a great deal compared to what some other restaurants charge for their specialty rolls. The dragonfly roll is essentially a dynamite roll topped with unagi and avocado, drizzled in a sweet sauce that resembled the marinade for the unagi. This was definitely my favourite roll out of the 3 and the only one that I would order again without hesitation. The prawn was still hot and the flavours from all the different components really came together and it was simply a gastronomical delight in my mouth. I would definitely recommend this roll.


In general, Asakusa Sushi is pretty good. I think this would be a great alternative for those who do not want to wait at Sushi Garden since they’re just a few minutes away from each other. The sushi is far from authentic and it’s basically bang-for-your-buck sushi but it’s not bad for what it is. Definitely get the dragonfly roll if you go though!

Asakusa Sushi on Urbanspoon


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