Gyo-O: Mmmm… Seafood Yukke Don.

Apologies for the lack of restaurant reviews, but it’s really hard to find time to squeeze in food when I have school and work back to back! So on the one day that I had off, I decided to make a trip to Gyo-O since I was so interested in trying their yukke don after reading all the delicious-sounding reviews :)


Chikuwa Tempura ($3.81):

This is basically fish cake tempura. The tempura was a bit oily but the batter was light and not in a thick layer. I loved the bounciness of the chikuwa and the salt mix that you coat it in makes it really delicious!



Takoyaki ($6.43):

A little bit pricey for the amount given but these were pretty good. I would have preferred a bit more for the garnish but it’s the takoyaki balls that are the most important. They were served piping hot with a crispy exterior, with a modest amount of octopus inside the filling. Still better than those served at the night market though!



Seafood Yukke Don ($11.43):

This was presented very nicely but you’re supposed to mix everything together and after that’s done… it doesn’t look so pretty anymore… so let’s just pretend that it always looked like that! This was served in a smaller portion than I had expected, but it was so delicious that I didn’t even mind. There was plenty of pieces of sashimi and when mixed together with the runny egg yolk, I WAS IN HEAVEN. Words cannot even describe how delicious this was. This was basically comfort food for me. Some may find the texture to be a bit too slimy and the lukewarm texture may be a turnoff, but I loved this. Can’t wait until the next time that I can eat this again :)



Oyster Milk Ramen ($15.48):

This was a bigger portion size than the seafood yukke don. The broth was really good; strong oyster flavour with a nice creaminess. I actually drank a lot of the broth even after I was finished with the noodles! The noodles had a nice firm texture and weren’t overcooked. There was also quite a bit of seafood in there that were all fresh tasting and the meat was plump. Very delicious and I can see why this is also a popular item!


In general, I really enjoyed my visit to Gyo-O. I can see why there are so many positive reviews about this restaurant and I know that I’ll be back there as soon as possible! The food is simply delicious and the decor is so unique and eye-catching. I definitely recommend it if you’re in the area :)
Gyo-O 魚王 on Urbanspoon


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