Super China Buffet: Pretty Good Chinese Buffet Food :)

When I go to the States, I rarely go to Super China Buffet since it’s quite a drive down. Which is a shame, since I do enjoy their food more than a lot of the other Chinese buffets that we have closer to the border. Super China Buffet has a lot of variety and their turnover rate is quite high, so their food actually tastes pretty good!


On the first plate, I picked up a few sushi rolls. Everything was quite well-made and delicious, although the rice was a bit dry and lacked any rice vinegar taste. But for a buffet, they were actually pretty good, my favourite was the seaweed roll. The stuffed potato was pretty good, flavoured with cheese and green onions. It was basically just delicious carbs. The seafood mix was essentially imitation crab meat mixed in a mayo sauce with some vegetables. While it is not good for your health at all, it was one of those foods that just taste good in all its fattiness. The siu mai’s were a bit dry and one-dimensional in terms of flavour. The meat was too mushy and didn’t have any texture at all.



The chow mein wasn’t too oily (as some places like to make it) and they weren’t overcooked to a mush, so yay! The teriyaki chicken had a very mild taste and it was slightly dry. The clams were pretty good, plump and fresh-tasting and it wasn’t just shells. The chili tofu did not have any taste to it at all. The sauce was very watery but I guess this made the tofu slightly healthier (?) The egg pancake was  oily but it was well-flavoured. I loved the abundance of vegetables in the pancake.



The deep-fried scallops were just pollock. It was quite dry and gummy in texture. The crab rangoons actually had a pretty big portion of filling in it, instead of just being a deep fried wrapper. The chicken w/ broccoli was really good, the chicken was tender and flavourful and the broccoli was not cooked to a mush. The shrimp was very simple and light tasting, okay in texture. The yam tempura was actually okay and there wasn’t too heavy of a batter although the yam was a bit hard. The onion rings were decent, at least they had a real onion in it. Of course, since the clams were so good, I had to get a second helping of them!


In general, I enjoyed my visit to Super China Buffet. For a buffet, the food is above average and not everything tastes like it’s doused in oil and msg. I do believe that lunch only costs about $8 per person so it’s really cheap considering the quality and amount of food that you’re getting.
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