Wonderful Buffet: Meh. I Guess It’s Good for the Convenience.

Every single time I make a visit to Wonderful Buffet, it is packed and full of Chinese people. Not wanting to generalize but I think it’s pretty obvious that their typical clientele is visitors from Canada, not the locals. Since business is obviously booming, it must mean that their food tastes good right?


The egg pancake was oily but it was bland and there was barely any vegetables in it. The buttered potatoes were well-seasoned and delicious, but it was also a bit too greasy. The chicken dumplings were obviously bought in bulk and disappointing. The wrapper was too chewy and the filling was flat and only tasted like meat. The chicken w/ broccoli wasn’t bad. The chicken was tender and flavourful while the broccoli wasn’t overcooked and was flavoured by the sauce. The chow mein was a bit overcooked and greasy. The kung pao chicken was actually tender and juicy. Thank goodness  there wasn’t a thick layer of batter.



The pork and chives dumpling was tough and way to chewy. It was really bland too. The mussels were not bad and tasted pretty fresh, but the mayo sauce on top was really oily. The shrimp was okay, it wasn’t mushy in texture and it was something that was lighter to balance out all the heaviness of the other options. The siu mai’s were okay, although it just tasted like pork and they were over-tenderized into a paste. The crab rangoons were alright, although the cream cheese filling was very modest in size. The fried chicken did not look like fried chicken, but the chicken was moist and tender with lovely flavouring from the salt and pepper and lightly battered. The stuffed shrimp was essentially shrimp wrapped around a ball of pork mixture that was way too salty. The onion rings were, honestly, disgusting. There was an onion mixture inside, not even an actual ring of onion and it was very oily-tasting.



Despite it’s less-than-appealing appearance, the teriyaki chicken was actually well-flavoured with teriyaki sauce and the chicken was tender and juicy. Their sushi rolls are placed behind a sliding glass door so it’s quite awkward to grab a few of them and I guess this is a plot to deter people away from the sushi. The sushi was dry and bland, so I didn’t enjoy them. The fried rice was way too wet and tasted like it was barely cooked in the wok before being dumped into the serving trays. The sautéed mushrooms were actually really good. The mushrooms weren’t overcooked and still retained their texture and it was a delicious simple dish. The clams were alright, not the freshest tasting but it was still adequate. There were a lot of shells though.


In general, Wonderful Buffet wasn’t that wonderful. A lot of shortcuts are taken when it comes to their food and while some options are pretty good, others are pretty bad. I suppose it’s cheap and filling for the price, but don’t go in there expecting delicious food. It’s also convenient to get to, so expect a crowd when you go.
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One thought on “Wonderful Buffet: Meh. I Guess It’s Good for the Convenience.

  1. Not recommended place, you were right that they are attracting the tourists, and they thought it is wonderful like other Chinese Buffet. I tell friends and clients not to go there!

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