Golden Swan: Abundance of Golden Oil

You may have noticed that I don’t have a lot of reviews when it comes to fancier Chinese restaurants. That’s because whenever I go out with the family to eat Chinese food, my parents are always the ones ordering. Two problems with that. One, they always order in Chinese so I have no idea what dish they’re talking about. And two, half of the stuff that they order is not even on the menu! Therefore, please excuse the fact that I don’t have the names to some of the dishes during our visit to Golden Swan. Yep, maybe I shouldn’t have quit Chinese school when I was younger…


Okay, I am horrible when it comes to the difference between the lesser known Chinese vegetables. If it’s not gai lan, bok choy, or choy sum, I won’t know the name of it! So, whatever this choy is, it was cooked well and was a very light dish to ease off some of the oiliness from the other dishes. Relying mostly on the finely diced garlic, there was a very heavy garlic taste.



Braised Egg Tofu w/ Dried Scallop & Enoki Mushroom:

The combination of the egg tofu interior which was silky and smooth in texture and the slightly-crispy exterior made it very addicting to eat. However, the tofu was VERY oily so it was probably not the healthiest option on the menu. The enoki mushrooms on top helped cut down some of the fattiness of the tofu but there wasn’t much flavour to it.



Pan Fried Dried Scallop & Bitter Melon w/ Eggs:

This was disappointing and not worth the price at all. Did not look appealing aesthetically and there was nothing special about it. The egg pancake was completely bland and the bitter melon so bitter to the point that I just wanted to spit it back out.



Honey Glazed Spare Ribs:

These were not bad, there was a strong honey taste. The batter wasn’t too thick and hard to bite through. However, the meat was quite dry and tough, making this dish not as good as it could have been. At least there was a lot of meat and it wasn’t mostly bones.



Apparently, this chicken dish is one of their signature dishes. The skin was very nicely roasted and had a crispy exterior. The meat of chicken was quite bland and too dry though. And since each piece was pretty big, I found it hard to swallow down the chalky and dry chicken. I don’t really think that this should be one of their signature dishes, as it was quite disappointing and not as delicious as I had expected it to taste.



Braised Green Beans & Minced Pork w/ Red Chili:

Oh dear, these were SO oily that I had to wipe my mouth after each bite to get rid of the oily residue. The green beans were a bit overcooked and slightly mushy. The minced pork and red chili helped provide a nice flavouring to the beans. However, the oil was just too much to bear and ruined what would have been an adequate dish.



An assortment of seafood served atop a bed of Chinese sticky rice. The seafood were all fresh and cooked perfectly. I especially enjoyed the scallops, although they were on the smaller side. The sticky rice was a bit too oily, but it was flavourful and fragrant.



I have no idea what this is called, but it consists mushrooms, water chestnuts, baby corn, tripe, Chinese fungus, and a bunch of other stuff on top of vermicelli noodles. It was a very healthy dish that contrasted greatly with the ones before it. It was a very small portion and everything was a bit overcooked. The sauce/soup also had a very weird sour aftertaste to it that I did not enjoy. Overall, I did not like this dish.



Complimentary dessert for that evening was red bean soup. Very watery consistency and there wasn’t a strong red bean taste.


In general, I didn’t really enjoy my visit to Golden Swan that much. The dishes are quite inconsistent in terms of execution and there is just too much oil. Not that every dish is horrible, but most of them were a bit lacking. Service could also use some improvement, since our server wasn’t really professional and spoke to us in a “I don’t really care about you, just as long as you’re paying” tone. It also didn’t help that he elbowed me in the chest while explaining something on the menu to my mom and didn’t bother apologizing.
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