The Keg: Because You Just Have Those Days Where You’re Craving Ribs.

I’m not even sure why my friends and I decided to go here. It could be because we weren’t craving your typical Japanese/Korean food that is found all along the Robson street area. Or the fact that we haven’t visited any one of The Keg’s locations in years. Regardless of the reason, we decided to just walk into the restaurant and instead of ordering a steak, I weirdly had a massive craving for ribs. Talk about an unexpected dinner choice!

photo 1

BBQ Chicken & Ribs ($27.95):

Pretty good portion for the price. The chicken was moist and tender, albeit a bit bland. It was still pretty good though, just a bit lacking compared to the ribs which were so tender and fell off the bone easily. The ribs were delicious and well-flavoured from the tangy bbq sauce, mmmmm. In hindsight, I should have just ordered a full serving of the ribs. The winner of the night, however, had to be the twice baked potato that I chose as my side. The mashed potato filling was so fluffy and light and the bacon bits really helped enhance the flavours and add a nice textural contrast. Ughhh I’m craving one as I write this…


photo 2

Billy Miner Pie ($5.95):

Mocha ice cream on a chocolate crust with hot fudge, caramel and almonds. Served in a very generous portion, this would be a very simple ice cream cake if not for the almonds. The almonds really help in making the billy miner pie something more “special” and together with the hot fudge and caramel sauce, this dessert was a wonderful end to the meal.


In general, I really enjoyed my visit to The Keg. For a chain restaurant, the food is pretty consistently delicious and it’s a good place to go to for a special event without breaking the bank. Service was very good, our waitress was very friendly and courteous; always checking up on us and making sure that we were having a good time. All in all, a very pleasant experience and I would definitely go back there again in the near future!
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