Pho Hong: Go For the Food and Nothing Else.

Wow, my very first Vietnamese food post! Truthfully, pho isn’t really my cup of tea but my brother LOVES it so I never eat it unless he’s with me eating it too. Our typical destination for Vietnamese food? Pho Hong on Kingsway.


1. Pho So 1:

This was basically a combination of all the different kinds of beef with rice noodle in a broth. The meat was good, nice texture and a lot of variety. Good to know that they didn’t skimp on the portions of meat either. The rice noodles were a bit overcooked. The broth is quite light, which I enjoy because I don’t really like the soup to be so heavy, and flavourful although there is a substantial amount of msg in there.



14. Bun Bo Hue:

Contains slices of meat with jiang xi vermicelli, which has a round, circular shape to the noodles instead of being flat, served in a spicy hot soup. Same as above with the meat. Personally, I prefer the rice noodles but these ones were less overcooked and retained more of a chewy texture. The soup base was quite oily but it was spicy and made the whole dish very tasty.



30. Com Ga Nuong Xa:

Grilled lemongrass chicken served with rice. The chicken had a nice char to it and brought out a great smoky taste with each piece. The chicken itself was tender and juicy, not dry at all. There was also quite a big portion of chicken on that plate. The rice was typical, albeit a bit too oily. Also served with some veggies on the side that were nothing exceptional to write about.



Spring Roll:

I think this was an additional $1.50 to add as a side to your noodles. A bit too oily, but this was still really good and better than most other Vietnamese places! Pretty big and really crispy. It was very flavourful with a dominant pork taste.


Pho Hong is always my first choice when it comes to pho. The prices are cheaper than a lot of other places and the portions are also bigger. The quality and taste is pretty good for the price point and it’s an easy location to get to. However, their ambience and cleanliness could use A LOT of improvement. Simply put, go there for the food and don’t look at anything else except that bowl of pho!

Pho Hong 鴻記越南牛肉粉 on Urbanspoon


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