Cactus Club Cafe: Love Their Quesadillas :)

The newest location for the Cactus Club Cafe chain is located right next to the waters in Coal Harbour; providing a spectacular view while you dine! And because it’s newly opened, there’s always a large crowd that is curious to see how it is so it gets extremely busy on the weekends. The view is amazing, but was the food amazing too?

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red pepper, jalapeno, fresh dill, chipotle aioli, tzatziki. It was a very big portion and definitely a dish to be shared amongst the table. Lightly battered and not too oily, I really enjoyed this dish. The squid had a nice bouncy, chewy texture and the dill was a nice accent to it. I also really enjoyed the addition of the peppers since it helped cut down some of oiliness of the calamari and made the dish a bit more special.


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Pesto Chicken Quesadilla:

roasted chicken, blended cheeses, basil pesto, sundried cranberries, honey lime dip. This is probably one of the cheapest items on the menu but it’s still extremely delicious and one of my favourite dishes from Cactus Club. There was plenty of chicken in the tortilla, and the chicken was very moist and tender. The pesto sauce was quite strong but it went well with the chicken and the cranberries added nice little hints of sweetness with each bite. Not a big fan of the tortilla chips, especially the red ones, since they were hard to pick up and eat.


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Yam Fries:

There was an additional cost to substitute to yam fries but I think it’s worth it :) It came in a pretty generous portion so I think it’s worth the extra cost! Nice sweetness to the fries and they were deep-fried perfectly!


photo 4-1

Double Braised Pineapple Hoison Short Rib:

pineapple ginger glaze, shiitake mushrooms, korean chili sauce, mashed potatoes, snap peas. This wasn’t my dish, but I was able to try a little bit of it. The short rib was very tender, although it was just a bit too dry. The glaze had a very prominent pineapple taste to it, but I wasn’t able to taste the ginger. Oh, and the mashed potatoes were your typical mashed potatoes!


In general, I enjoyed my visit to the newest Cactus Club Cafe location. The delicious food and beautiful view creates a wonderful dining experience. The service is very attentive and friendly, although it seems like some of the servers are new and a bit frazzled by the amount of diners. Regardless of that, I would still love to come back to this restaurant again in the future!
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