Milk & Sugar Cafe: $2 Bubble Tea. Enough Said.

Taking over what was once a Megabite Pizza location on Kingsway, Milk & Sugar Cafe is a great addition to the area since the only  prominent bubble tea place in that area before was Bubble World. I also don’t know how long it’s going to last, but every day they have a different group of bubble teas that  only cost $2!! And I ordered all 3 that were on special that day. For the sake of research, of course ;)

photo 1

Fresh Pineapple Watermelon:

It’s hard to see in the picture, but the drinks were a bit smaller than the usual size from other places. Must be because it only costs $2… Although it isn’t specified, this is technically a slush. However, it has quite a thin consistency so it’s not like the slush from most other bubble tea places. This was basically frozen fruits blended up together to make a drink, so nothing really special but I can see the simplicity of it being very refreshing on a hot day. Despite what it looks like, the pineapple flavour was actually more dominant than the watermelon. Everything still tasted good though; this was probably my favourite one out of the three!


photo 2

Oreo Cookie Ice Cream:

This tasted exactly like what the name says. There was a taste of Oreos, although it wasn’t really strong, and the ice cream made everything taste a lot sweeter. Also quite similar to the “thin slush” texture of the fresh pineapple watermelon above. Overall, it was alright, my favourite Oreo bubble tea is still from Dragon Ball Tea House though… The pearls are an additional cost, either 25 or 50 cents. They were coated in a good amount of syrup and had a nice chewy bite to them.


photo 3

Milk Tea:

I’m not quite sure why the picture turned out to be so pink looking… Personally, I actually don’t really like milk tea on its own but this one was pretty good! The tea flavour was very strong and it was the first thing to hit my tastebuds, but I liked it. This is a personal preference though, so some may find this to be a bit too much. This drink had a very strong taste, not watered down or weak at all and I think that it was a good deal for $2!


In general, I enjoyed my visit to Milk & Sugar Cafe. I think that the $2 promotion is a great idea, very effective in drawing in a crowd (since there are already A LOT of teenagers that frequent this place) and allowing people to explore the menu. The drinks are pretty good and it’s a good substitute for Bubble World if you want a change. What I really like is that when you order a drink, if there’s extra that doesn’t fit into the bubble tea cup, they’ll pour it into a little paper cup and give that to you too! I was pleasantly surprised that such an establishment would do that and I walked out a bit happier :)
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2 thoughts on “Milk & Sugar Cafe: $2 Bubble Tea. Enough Said.

    • Unfortunately for us, bubble tea is quite expensive, with prices usually ranging around $4-5 CAD! That’s why when we see a special for $2, it attracts a lot of attention!

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