Wally’s Burgers: I Wouldn’t Recommend The Burgers.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve gone to Wally’s. I think the last time I was there was during one of the final months of grade 12 when I was “totally not skipping class”… Anyways, I was craving food so badly one afternoon and I didn’t want to go anywhere far so I decided to just drop by Wally’s for an afternoon snack!


Wally Mushroom Swiss:

So here’s how the pricing goes: the burger itself is $5. Add $3.75 more for a combo that includes fries and a can of pop. Add another $1 on top of that to upgrade to sweet potato fries! So in total, it comes up to… $9.75. That’s pretty expensive for a combo that isn’t filling at all but did the quality make up for it? Well… you can obviously see that the burger was tiny and flat, since all that was in there was a patty, mushrooms, swiss cheese, and A LOT of sauce. I enjoyed the abundance of mushrooms since it made the whole burger seem healthier but they were quite soggy. The patty had a smoky flavour but it tasted like it was just defrosted and heated up. There was a puny amount of cheese in there and an overdose on mayo. Yea, not really impressed by it for the price that I paid.



Sweet Potato Fries:

I swear that over the years, they have gradually been decreasing the amount of fries that they serve. I remember way back when that paper bag was stuffed with sweet potato fries. Now, it’s just a bit pathetic seeing such a tiny amount… The fries were fried for too long until some pieces were just too hard and crispy. They were decent-tasting but there is better at other places for sure. Comes with a little cup of chipotle mayo sauce that is pretty good though!



Poutine ($4.50):

One word of advice if you ever get the poutine at Wally’s: never order for takeout. When you eat there, the poutine is a MUCH bigger portion and it is filled to the brim of the cup. When you order for takeout… there’s a one inch space from the fries to the top of the cup. I’m pretty sure that a few more fries could have been put in there. Tastewise, it’s pretty good, plenty of gravy and cheese to coat the french fries which were the typically variety. If it weren’t for the portion size, I would recommend it.


In general, I’m disappointed by my visit to Wally’s. I know that prices have risen and they have to cut costs a little bit but this was just disappointing. Either lower the price a little bit and keep the same quantity or keep the price and increase the quantity a little bit. I know that they’re trying to go for that “old-style-diner” vibe, but I don’t think that the novelty of it is a good enough excuse for the high prices. The food is alright, some better than others but I don’t see myself going back there for a while.
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2 thoughts on “Wally’s Burgers: I Wouldn’t Recommend The Burgers.

  1. Wally’s is definitely not what it used to be. If you want a good local burger that won’t cost you over $10, take a short drive out to New Westminster to Burger Burger on Sixth. The have 2 great combos for under $6 which includes a pop. It’s a tiny hole in the wall run by a korean couple, but their patties are home made and everything is tasty.

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