Beefy Beef: Check Out Their Five Spice Beef in Chinese Pancake!

Besides Bubble World, I think that Beefy Beef is the other restaurant that I go to the most for Taiwanese food. Not really sure why, since the traffic at the intersection of King Edward and Main is HORRIBLE… but I guess it’s because the food is above average for the price and there is a lot of variety on the menu!

photo 1

Oreo Smoothy:

Personally, my favourite Oreo smoothie/slush is the one at Dragon Ball Tea House but this one was pretty good! Could have been a bit stronger with the Ore0 flavour but everything was blended until smooth and the Oreo was distributed evenly throughout. No bland chunks of ice particles anywhere :) Portion is a little bit on the smaller side for the price.


photo 3

Five Spice Beef in Chinese Pancake:

Comes in four pieces that are adequately sized. These are REALLY good at Beefy Beef! Served piping hot, the “pancake” is slightly crispy on the outside but chewy and fluffy on the inside. The beef is marinated well and the cucumber inside helps add a textural contrast to the whole dish. I would recommend this dish to anyone that visits!


photo 2

Dumplings in Hot and Sour Soup:

On the menu, it states that there are 8 pieces of dumplings and… there were exactly 8 pieces! Good to know that they didn’t try to give me one less :) Dumplings were pretty good, the wrapper wasn’t too thick and the filling tasted good with a nice balance of all the components. The hot and sour soup was indeed quite hot and spicy but there was a mild sour taste. It was a big portion and they certainly didn’t skimp on the variety of ingredients that go into the soup like bamboo shoots, wood ear fungus, egg, etc…


In general, I really like the food at Beefy Beef. It’s a lot better than most other bubble tea places and a good option if you’re in the area! The food is delicious, but I can’t really praise their service… The servers are a bit aloof and tend to ignore you, even though the restaurant is pretty much empty most of the time!
Beefy Beef Noodle House 京園牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon


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