Bubble World: I Guess People Like to Drink a Cup of Bubble Tea Before Going to Bed

When I go out to eat now, I save SO MUCH MORE MONEY from the removal of the HST. The difference is pretty big! This means that I can order more and still pay about the same price that I was paying for before. YAY FOR MORE FOOD :) …I mean… I’m only ordering more food for you guys ;) And also, it’s perfectly normal to order three items off the menu when eating at 9:30 at night, right…?

photo 1

Milky Earl Grey Tea ($4.45):

Apologies for the ugly pictures, we were sitting in a corner in the back with no lighting at all! Anyways, I’ve had this before on other nights but I was disappointed by it this time. No taste of earl grey at all. Not even a hint of it. I pretty much paid extra for a hot milk tea. Hopefully this was a one time thing because this drink was actually pretty good in the past.


photo 3

Pan Fried Gyoza ($4.95):

Wow, I wasn’t expecting such a large quantity for the price. These weren’t bad, pan fried perfectly but I question whether they’re just bought from a supermarket…the wrapper was a bit on the thicker side and there filling was predictable – pork with a strong flavouring of ginger. The dish was still okay though and I would order it again.


photo 2

Salty Peppery Chicken with Noodles in Soup ($7.95):

The chicken was delicious, well-flavoured and fried well so that the batter wasn’t too thick or oily tasting. The chicken inside was still moist and juicy, so that was good :) I would have liked some basil but can’t expect too much from a chain restaurant! The noodles were good, pretty big portion although the noodles were slightly overcooked. The three pieces of bok choy were greatly appreciated to cut down the fattiness of the chicken.


In general, Bubble World isn’t bad for Taiwanese food. The food isn’t the best and there are a few misses but it’s a great place to go to when meeting up with friends or for late night chats. When my friends and I arrived at around 9 on a weekday night, it was still busy and really noisy since all the customers were young. It does get pretty busy late at night and especially on the weekends so expect to wait a bit if coming with a bigger group!
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