Hitoe Sushi: Just Go Eat There. Right Now.

Shame on me. I should really be going to classes but it’s just so hard to find the motivation to drag my feet to lectures sometimes! At least I’m doing something productive instead. Yep, I think that going out to eat delicious food is a perfectly good excuse! …no? Well, I wouldn’t have been able to discover Hitoe Sushi if I played the part of the good student so I argue otherwise :)

photo 1

Seaweed Salad (Part of the Tempura Udon Combo $11.95):

Wow, this was a good salad. Consisting of sliced peppers, seaweed, and lettuce, the salad was vibrant and extremely fresh-tasting. This was a really good start to my meal. Simply delicious!


photo 4

California Roll, Dynamite Roll, Cucumber Roll (Part of the Tempura Udon Combo $11.95):

There were also 4 pieces of california roll, 3 pieces of dynamite roll, and 6 pieces of cucumber roll. The rice wasn’t dry or gummy but there wasn’t any taste of rice vinegar. Portions were good, not monstrously huge but not pathetically tiny at the same time! The fillings all tasted fresh and the rolls were plated beautifully (although my camera skills kinda butchered it). There was quite an amount so it can fill up your stomach.


photo 2

Tempura Udon (Part of the Tempura Udon Combo $11.95):

The tempura udon was also better than any other restaurant that I’ve ordered this item at! Although it was on the smaller size, the broth was extremely delicious with plenty of thinly chopped scallions and seaweed. The noodles were cooked perfectly, bouncy with a slight chew to them. When the udon was served, the prawn was already in the bowl so it had soaked up the broth and it was HUGE. The texture of soggy tempura batter was quite interesting… but the texture of the shrimp itself was fine!


photo 3

Ex Cheeeeese Roll ($12.95):

Yes, the roll is actually spelled with 5 e’s. Contains cream cheese, cucumber, unagi, crab meat, salmon, masago, olive oil mayo, teriyaki sauce, and slivers of bonito. It also came with a mini portion of the seaweed salad resting on a banana leaf, so that was a pleasant surprise :) The roll itself was DELICIOUS, I love the combination of cream cheese and sushi (as blasphemous as it is) and all the components came together perfectly. If I could change one thing, I would probably want a bit more sauce on it. Everything else about it was perfect though :)


In general, I really liked my visit to Hitoe Sushi. The food is delicious and of excellent quality for the price! Their service should also be commended for. Everyone was extremely polite, tea was constantly being refilled, they checked up on us to make sure that everything was ok, and even gave us pocky at the end of our meal :) I have nothing else to say. Just go eat there. Right now.
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