54th Ave Cafe: You Know It’s Bad When I Only Eat the Same Dish Everytime.

Ah 54th Ave Cafe… I’m suddenly hit with memories of 5 hour long midterm/final study sessions, discussions, and gossiping… Because it’s near Killarney and it’s probably the only place where loud teenagers can stay for long hours without getting yelled at to go somewhere else, I found myself frequenting there often during my high school years. Oh, those were the good times…


Baked Pork Chop on Fried Rice ($9.50):

This is the ONLY dish that I ever get from here, everything else… I wouldn’t recommend. It comes in a pretty big dish so the serving size isn’t that bad. However, even though it seems like they give you a huge portion of pork chop, half of it is actually bone so it is quite misleading. The parts that were actually meat, were quite fat and slightly dry. They do give you A LOT of vegetables, especially onions, so yay for that :) The fried rice underneath was dry and bland.


Besides the baked pork chop on rice, I don’t even bother ordering anything else because I think it all looks quite unappetizing and low-quality, truthfully. The restaurant isn’t that clean, service isn’t that great, food is questionable, but if you want a place to chill at for a long time and you have no other options, then go to 54th Ave Cafe.
54th Ave Cafe 54街茶餐廳 on Urbanspoon


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