Shi Art Express: Stay Away from the Sweet & Sour Pork!

Yay it’s another food court food review! Which also means “ugly picture time”… but hey, no one eats beautiful five course meals all the time! So during my break one day at work, I had this massive craving for westernized Chinese food and I decided to satisfy my stomach by going to Shi Art Express…


2 Items w/ Noodle ($8.95 after tax):

Mmmmm… looks appetizing right? (*note the sarcasm) Don’t worry, I won’t get mad if you think that I suck at taking pictures! So, the food doesn’t look that good, but what about the taste?

Sweet & Sour Pork: This was sitting under the lamp for WAY too long, so the thick batter was very hard and gummy to chew through. Although there was plenty of sauce covering it, the meat itself was completely dry. Needless to say, this didn’t taste too good :(

Chicken Curry: I actually really liked this one. The sauce actually had taste, and was not weak at all. However, there was a lot more of everything else than the meat. There were lots of onions :) which could be good or bad, depending on you! It also had carrots and potatoes which were tender but not to the point of being mushy. The chicken pieces had no taste at all from the sauce but it was tender and not dry, so not bad! Out of the two, I liked the chicken curry A LOT more.

Noodles: Don’t have much to say about this. It had a lot of bean sprouts and cabbage scattered throughout. Obviously, there was no wok hei but also wasn’t too dried out or mushy, so I guess that’s pretty good! Can’t expect too much from a food court stall!


I don’t really know if I should say that I liked or disliked Shi Art Express. Besides the horribly-hard sweet & sour pork, everything actually tasted above average for food court Chinese food. However, the price is pretty steep and the portions aren’t that big so I wouldn’t be going there a lot. …but I guess for what it is, it was pretty good so a (hesitant) thumbs up for me!
Shi Art Express 食藝快飺 on Urbanspoon


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