Super Great Pizza: Super Great Prices!

Sigh… just when I’ve caught up with all the reviews, I get hit with tons of work for school, work, and volunteer, and I’m behind once again. :( Life sucks. Apologies for the absence from the internet,but at least there’s a post now! Too bad that this post is going to be basically on cheap, filling, junk food… oh well! After skytraining back from volunteer, my brother and I usually decide to grab a quick dinner/late-night snack near Joyce Skytrain Station before hopping onto the 41st bus and our go-to place is always Super Great Pizza! photo

Vancouver Style ($4 for 2 Slices):

Actually, they have this combo for $4.50 where you get 2 slices and a can of pop, but I was trying to be “healthier” so I decided save my 50 cents and skip the pop. I know, I have such a healthy lifestyle ;) Quality wise, their pizza isn’t the best and their dough is quite chewy and gummy-like. However, the portions are big and they don’t really skimp out on the toppings For the price, you can’t really complain. They do have a pretty high turnover rate, so at least you know that your pizza slice wasn’t sitting under the lamp for a very long time!


In general, Super Great Pizza is a good place to go to with you’re short on cash and you’re having a massive craving for something that is surely not good for you! Don’t know about you guys, but I have plenty of those moments… They have a lot of variety and they’re always busy, so it’s a good option if you’re in the area!
Super Great Pizza on Urbanspoon


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