Togo Sushi: It Literally Is “Fast Food”!

Finally, another food review post! Although, Togo Sushi is technically not a “restaurant” since it’s in the mall and there aren’t really a lot of tables available to eat in. But regardless of whether this should be in restaurant review or food court food, there’s still something to talk about! Apologies for the picture quality, I think something is wrong with my iPhone 4 camera lens :(

photo 1

Dynamite Combo ($7.00):

This combo consists of a dynamite roll, salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, and ebi nigiri. The dynamite roll was VERY big, but the shrimp itself was super tiny and the roll was actually bulked up with stale batter. The rice was also extremely dry and had no flavouring at all so this didn’t taste really good. The salmon nigiri was ok, the quality of the salmon wasn’t that bad but it was sliced the wrong way so the texture was off. The tuna nigiri wasn’t fresh since the tuna was pretty mushy. The ebi nigiri wasn’t bad, at least the shrimp still had some texture and was a little sweet.


photo 2

Spicy Chopped Scallop Roll ($3.50):

Obviously, they overdosed on the sesame seeds! This roll was falling apart the second I tried to pick it up with my chopsticks. Very poorly made. The roll was also quite tiny and the scallops were not spicy at all. For certain pieces, the hot sauce was very strong but it was only concentrated in one area so that all you could taste was a blast of hot pepper flavouring.

Avocado Roll ($2.50):

This roll wasn’t mine so I don’t know what it tasted like. The avocados didn’t look very fresh though.


In general, I didn’t like the food at Togo Sushi. The food isn’t THAT expensive but for the price that I paid, I think I can get a better deal at Samurai Sushi from across the street. The food quality was pretty bad and after I placed my order, they called out my number in less than a minute after I paid. That’s taking the term “fast food” to a whole other level.
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