Taco Luis: Way Better Than Your Average Food Court Food!

It’s time for a food court food review again! Actually, I’m only resorting to food court food because I’m almost done with all my restaurant reviews so far!

photo 1

I have to apologize for this picture, I was starving because of work and in my haste to get some food into my stomach, I completely forgot to take a picture until I was halfway done my mexi-fries! So… just imagine that the picture has double the amount of mexi-fries ;) Anyways, let’s show a close-up of the burrito that I got!

photo 3

10″ Special:

The 10″ special comes with a burrito, with your choice of beef or chicken (which costs either an extra 25 or 50 cents), mexi-fries, and a soft drink. I paid the extra charge to get the chicken and it was really good, flavourful and tender without being dry and chalky! I have also tried to ground beef, and it is also really good too! What I love about Taco Luis is that you can customize the toppings and everything is added right in front of you, so you can see that all the vegetables are fresh and personally, I feel healthier knowing that :) In my burrito, I have chicken, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, sour cream, and guacamole! The mexi-fries were also crispy and delicious when eaten hot! Mmmmmm…

photo 2

Of course, it also comes with a drink. Here’s a picture just so you can visualize the whole thing!

In general, I really like the food from Taco Luis. I think it’s a healthier alternative compared to the other stalls in the food court and it’s my go-to place when I’m working! It’s also a really good deal, the 10″ special costs around $6.50 and you get a complete combo from that with mexi-fries and a drink. But because I work at the mall, I get a discount and I only have to pay $6 :) Regardless, a meal there won’t cost you more than $7!
Taco Luis on Urbanspoon


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