Well Tea: That Visit Didn’t Go So “Well”…

Very short post today! Continuing on after lunch at G-Men, we needed to find a place to chill at for a few hours in the afternoon before dinner time since most Richmond restaurants close during the 3-6 range to prep for dinner time. Since we didn’t want to go far, we decided to drive for (literally) a minute to get to Well Tea.


Wheat Germ Green Milk Tea:

I know, it’s a weird drink, but this wasn’t actually my first option. I originally wanted a green milk tea with tapioca noodles, but they ran out of the tapioca noodles. It was 2:30 in the afternoon. How the heck can you run out of toppings so early in the day!??!!? Don’t know if they actually ran out (which would be completely ridiculous) or if our waitress just didn’t want to give it to us. In fact, we wasted around 20 minutes trying to get one of the waitresses to look in our direction and take our order. I can’t even imagine what dinnertime is like for them.

Anyways the drink was… meh. There wasn’t really a prominent green tea flavour. And the amount of wheat germ that they gave me was pathetic. I could have saved my 50 cents by just ordering a regular green milk tea since there wasn’t that much of a difference. Not impressed.


In general, I did not enjoy my visit to Well Tea. In fact, the only reason that I would go back would be if I needed a place to sit and work for a few hours without fear of them kicking me out. …Actually, I wouldn’t be able to leave quickly even if I wanted to. When we wanted to ask for the bill, we were flailing our arms around for A LONG TIME and “coincidently”, all the waitresses couldn’t even see that we were trying to get their attention. I swear one of them looked at me and then just continued to glance off into space. Wow, I didn’t know that it was possible to get paid for being rude and disrespectful to customers.
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