G-Men Ramen/Izakaya: “No Ramen No Life”

Haha I actually stole that quote from the G-Men website, which I think is very well designed compared to other Asian restaurant websites! And while I don’t love ramen to the point that I can’t live without it, I have to admit that their ramen does leave me salivating and wanting more! This was actually an unexpected visit, my friends and I were meeting up again after a VERY LONG time for lunch and since one of my friends was sick but shot down the idea of wonton mein, we decided to head to Richmond for ramen instead. This wasn’t my only food adventure of the day, I also went to two other places after this, which I will get to soon!

photo 3

Gyoza ($5.25):

The gyoza came in either 5 or 6 pieces, sorry that I can’t really remember anymore! This isn’t on the menu, but I saw it written on a paper on the wall and decided to get it as a last minute decision. They were decently sized, well-seasoned with a pretty strong garlic taste, but did not seem to be pan-fried long enough. Regardless, they were still delicious and I would order them again since dumplings are one of my most favourite foods :)


photo 1-2

Takoyaki ($7.00):

These were $7.00 for 8 pieces, but you can also get 4 pieces for $3.75. I actually didn’t get this, my friend did, but she was kind enough to let us all try one! Served piping hot, the takoyaki had a crispy exterior and a “custard” like interior filled with diced octopus. The quality was really good, much better than the ones offered at night market, that’s for sure! It was also drizzled with a generous amount of takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise sauce, seaweed flakes, and dried bonito flakes. Mmmmm… I would totally recommend this!


photo 2-1

Shoyu Ramen ($8.75):

“Always an excellent choice!!” Excellent choice, indeed. I chose the shoyu ramen, where the broth is flavoured with shoyu (soy sauce) in addition to the torigara (chicken soup) base and it was delicious! The broth was salty, but not too salty, and not too heavy and overwhelming either! The noodles were cooked perfectly with a slight chewiness and the meat was very tender but quite fatty. The egg… yummmm… I absolutely LOVE runny yolks and this was soooooo good!! They only give you one (unfortunately) but one of my friends gave me hers because she doesn’t really like partially-cooked eggs so I was one happy goldfish! :)


In general, I really enjoyed my visit to G-Men and I will probably make another visit to there again if I’m in the area! While the food isn’t exactly cheap, it is extremely delicious and I think it’s worth paying a few dollars more for the quality. I did go during an off time, around 2 in the afternoon, so I don’t really know how long the wait can be during peak times but I can imagine that parking might be an issue. But hey, it’s worth circling the area a few times for their ramen, right? After all, “no ramen no life”!
G-Men / Ramen Izakaya @ NanChuu 南廚 on Urbanspoon


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