Hart House: Wonderful Dine Out Vancouver Experience!

Wow, it’s been a long time since my last post. And this post is also WAY overdue. Apologies for the sudden disappearance, I was too busy finishing up midterms. Sigh, such is the life of an university student… Anyways, because I was so busy this year, I was only able to go to one DOV restaurant and because my friends and I also decided to book a table at the very last minute, choices were VERY limited. Therefore, we chose Hart House in the end because there seemed to be the greatest variety in the menu out of all the other options!

photo 1

Complimentary Bread:

There were two types but what was weird was that the bread wasn’t served hot or cold… One was a baguette, which tasted slightly stale, still had a crispy exterior but a not so fluffy interior. The other type of bread that was offered tasted like the typical multigrain bread that I buy to make my sandwiches… at least it was very fluffy though!


photo 2

Amuse Bouche:

A complimentary mini appetizer served before the actual appetizer to whet the appetite. I wasn’t expecting this from a DOV experience, but it was a very pleasant surprise! The amuse bouche was a goat cheese risotto ball with pesto sauce at the side. It was fried perfectly, and it was heavenly biting through the crusted exterior to reveal a creamy goat cheese risotto filling! The goat cheese was very strong and the pesto was also very well-flavoured and thick.


photo 3

Parsnip Velouté:

This was extremely thick and heavily spiced. My friend didn’t like it and thought that it was too thick, like baby food, but I thought that the texture was perfectly fine! Very strong parsnip flavour and it was even topped with crispy parsnip chips and something that resembled diced up caramelized apples…?


photo 4

Free Range Chicken Supreme:

Mmmm I do not regret choosing this main at all! At most places, the chicken is usually overcooked so that it tastes dry, chalky, and bland. But this chicken was cooked perfectly, tender and flavourful while still retaining its moisture and it wasn’t even a little bit dry! The potatoes were also delicious, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Veggies are veggies, so I don’t have much to say except that they were also executed well.


photo 5

Honey Vanilla Panna Cotta, Kobacha Purée, Wine-Poached Grapes, Almond Biscotti:

This isn’t on their regular dessert menu so I don’t actually know what the official name for this is. The panna cotta was pretty good, it wasn’t overly sweet and there was a light honey taste. Texture was also fine. Kobacha, which is Japanese pumpkin, also added an unique taste to the whole dessert which I kind of liked/disliked at the same time. It did make the dessert more unique and unforgettable but I wasn’t sure if it went together all that well. The grapes tasted like grapes, with only the faintest taste of wine to them. The almond biscotti was good, crunchy and speckled with almond pieces.


In general, Hart House wasn’t a bad last-minute decision! The food was good, not exceptionally good, but I think it was still worth the $38. I also have to mention that they have the best service that I’ve experienced in a European restaurant! Our server was attentive, kind, and actually conversed with us even though my friends and I are all so young compared to the usual clientele! Most of the time, we get ignored in fancy settings so I would definitely recommend Hart House for their excellent customer service!
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