Red Robin: Love Their Banzai Burgers!

Happy Chinese New Year! In order to celebrate such a joyous occasion, I’m going to be reviewing… Red Robin! *dead silence* What? Red Robin’s main theme colour is red and it’s lucky to have a lot of red things on Chinese New Year, so it fits perfectly! No? Oh well, I’m still talking about burgers and fries anyways!

photo 1

Potato Skins with Bacon and Cheese:

This was made up of potato skins that were topped with monterey jack and cheddar cheese, and bacon! And yummmm… these were really good. The potato skin was crispy, the cheeses were melted throughout, and the bacon was crunchy and delicious! Everything went together well and there was enough flavour. It’s a new item on the menu and it was comfort food at its finest! I would definitely order again.


photo 2

Buzzard Wings:

These were… meh. They were basically fancy buffalo wings and although the sauce that they were marinated in was supposed to be really spicy, it wasn’t spicy at all and was pretty bland. The meat was also dry and tough to chew.


photo 3


Their calamari was strangely darker in colour than any other place that I’ve tried calamari before… The batter was quite thick and it was really oily-tasting. It was also a bit saltier than normal.


photo 4

The Banzai Burger:

Yes, it’s so famous that there’s a “the” in the front of the name! This is my go-to burger (either this or the whiskey river) and words cannot even describe how delicious it is. I think it’s the pineapple and teriyaki sauce that makes all the difference, it adds this sweetness to the burger that isn’t completely overpowering but it makes everything taste more unique. There’s no other place that you can get a burger like this, so two thumbs up! The burger is quite big and it does get messy, so be prepared to get greasy! The bottomless fries are also thicker, more like steak-cut fries, but they are pretty bland and can taste really starchy. But hey, they are bottomless so don’t expect much (since I ate around 4 baskets of them myself…).

Just look at that DELICIOUS close-up!

Just look at that DELICIOUS close-up!

In general, Red Robin is a great place to go to with friends for a casual get-together since it gets quite noisy and they don’t mind if you stay for a long time. Don’t expect too much, because it is a chain restaurant that is best known for catering children’s birthday parties after all. Yes, the atmosphere is cheesy and the food is really a hit or miss but sometimes, when I feel down in the dumps, all the red really does brighten up my whole mood! Just give me my banzai burger and bottomless fries, and I guarantee that I’ll walk out happy!
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