Pearl Castle: Misleading Bubble Tea Names!

Since I only have to go to school for 3 days this semester, I have a lot of free time now and most of the time, I accompany my mom with grocery shopping to keep her company. Of course, I’m doing this because I’m a loving and wonderful daughter! …well… it doesn’t hurt that we usually get some food while we’re out :) What? Can’t blame me, I just love to eat! So one day while we were in Richmond, we decided to go to Pearl Castle for a late lunch.

photo 2

Blue Baby ($5.25):

Yea… the name was very misleading. I think that this should have been called “green baby” instead (although that wouldn’t be as cute sounding). Anyways, “Blue” Baby is made up of passion fruit, lemon, and honey flavours. It was quite sweet because of the syrups but the aftertaste was a bit tangy from the lemon. Even though it was quite fizzy and carbonated like pop, it was still quite “Asian” tasting. Does that even make sense? Regardless, I still enjoyed it since it was quite unique and more complex than the typical bubble tea flavours that we have!


photo 3

Cheese Milk Seafood Hot Pot ($9.50):

This is one of the specialties and it is a popular option at Pearl Castle, since no other place seems to offer this type of hot pot. There was A LOT of stuff inside this: a variety of fish cakes, oyster mushrooms, shrimps, cuttlefish, and napa cabbage. For such a large quantity, I wasn’t expecting the quality to be that great but it was pretty good! The broth was creamy with the cheese and milk flavours. It wasn’t too rich and overpowering but still strong enough to make it unforgettable and incomparable. A nice alternative from the usual broth-like hotpot bases! This also came with a bowl of rice (shaped in a funny bowl!) and a small amount of grass jelly which was… meh. Didn’t expect much anyways!


In General, I really enjoyed my visit to Pearl Castle. While the price is higher than most other bubble tea places, I do believe that you are getting a better quality to make up for the difference in price! I liked both the drink and the entree that I got and I’ve heard that their other items are just as good! Beware though, it will get quite busy during the weekends!
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