What8ver Cafe: Come for the Elusive Honey Toast Box

What8ver Cafe is located in Richmond and they would just be like any other taiwanese restaurant if it wasn’t for one secret item that they serve: the honey toast box. Even though most people know about it now by word-of-mouth since they first introduced it so long ago, it is still not  on the menu. But in case you didn’t know about it, now you do!

photo 1

Lychee Cream Float ($4.50):

I actually ordered this only because of my curiosity, since I had NO IDEA of what it was. Originally, I was expecting it to be some form of carbonated lychee drink topped with a scoop of ice cream, like an Asian twist to the traditional ice cream float. Oh, how very wrong I was…  The lychee cream float is actually made up of two separate layers; the bottom being a slightly-sour and milky lychee-flavoured liquid that resembled calpico. The top layer was a sweet, frothy, lychee-tasting cream. This drink was delicious, but just not what I was expecting. Just a little note, you are supposed to drink this without a straw so that you get to taste both components at the same time, so don’t embarrass yourself by asking for a straw (which I may have done…)


photo 3

Honey Toast Box:

Ah, the dessert responsible for causing extremely long line-ups on the weekends. The honey toast box consists of half a loaf of bread whose centre is cut up into sticks, drizzled with honey and sugar, toasted, and then reassembled again. It is then topped with ice cream (either vanilla, strawberry, or green tea), custard, red bean, and …cheerios? Regardless of whether the honey toast boxes in Taiwan have cheerios or not, I thought that the toast box was a bit too hyped up and didn’t taste as good as I was expecting it to. While the bread sticks were perfectly toasted, it lacked any flavour or sweetness so I had to resort to eating it with an obscene amount of ice cream. The red beans were really good but the custard only tasted good in a small amount. It still tasted decent and it wasn’t difficult to eat, but I think that it could have been better.


In general, What8ver Cafe is extremely popular due to its honey toast box that is pretty good, but in my opinion, not worth waiting for an hour just to try it. I suppose most people come and get it just to say that they have tried it, so if that’s your plan, I would recommend dropping by on a weekday! Their other menu items are quite good, since the drinks are better than most other taiwanese places and their snacks are also delicious. Their food is a bit pricey, though!
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