Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant: What a Surprisingly Pleasant Visit!

Ever since I started working, I’ve been spending less time at home and as a result, less time to chill with my brother. :( My brother and I are REALLY REALLY close, in fact, it’s a bit surprising how close we are! Everyone around us always comment on this fact but it’s something that I take pride in (although my brother would never admit it)! In fact, he’s the only one that knows about this blog of mine!

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Since he knows about this now, I’ve been forcing him to join me in my foodie adventures. After grocery shopping the other day, we decided to have some food before going home and went to a place nearby, Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant! It was a first time visit for me, and he was the one that recommended it since he goes there a lot with friends (I’m so proud of him, perhaps one day he will appreciate food to the extent that I do!). Although, just like any other growing boy, he sees food and immediately eats it, completely disregarding the fact that his sister needs to take pictures first (as you’ll see later)!

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It wasn’t very busy when we went and we were served tea promptly after we were seated down. And there’s something that I have to let the whole world know: they have one of the BEST service that I have ever seen in a restaurant. Our waitress was extremely kind and welcoming the whole entire time and I would come back to support this restaurant just for that! Anyways, back to the tea, it was served hot and it had a slightly roasted flavour.


photo 3-1

Roll Sushi Combo ($7.95):

My brother had the roll sushi combo which consists of a tuna roll, salmon roll, and california roll. And being the wonderful brother that he is, he let me try one of each of the rolls so that I could comment on more items on the menu! Isn’t he sweet? :) The tuna roll was ok, there was a slightly fishy taste to it. The salmon roll was pretty good, since the salmon was fresh and of good quality. The california roll also not bad, all the components were fresh, especially the avocados!


photo 2

Cucumber Roll ($2.00):

See what I was talking about?? Tsk tsk, couldn’t even let his sister take a quick picture before eating one… but awwww look at how cute the plate is!! Although I don’t really see the appeal of cucumber rolls, I have to admit that it was pretty good for what it is. The cucumbers were really fresh and crunchy!


photo 3

BC Roll ($3.25):

I ordered this for myself at the very last minute and I did not regret it at all! The roll was pretty large in size, bigger than what I was expecting, and the salmon skin was still warm and crispy! Yumm, it was really good.


photo 1

Oyako Don ($7.95):

An oyako don is basically comfort food for me (and probably half of the world), and this one had chicken, cabbage, mushrooms, scallions, vermicelli noodles, and egg all over rice. The vermicelli noodles were quite new to me and not something that I see often, but they were cooked well and I liked the change in texture! The chicken was tender and not dry at all. The vegetables were also cooked until soft and the whole bowl had a strong enough flavour of the sauce (which consists of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin). The portion was also pretty big for the price.


In general, Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant is a good choice for locals. It totally beats Sushi Go when it comes to Japanese food in terms of “authencity” and quality. For a restaurant in the Killarney area, it’s one of the better options when it comes to eating out. The service is excellent and the portion is pretty good for the price! Our total came up to $23.69, so not bad!
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