Sushi Garden: Mmmm… chopped scallop.

It’s always a tradition in my family that when my mom doesn’t want to cook dinner on a Sunday night, we order sushi from Sushi Garden. Don’t ask, I don’t know why we do it, but it’s either that or go out for a bowl of pho.


Here’s our typical Sunday dinner, a large party tray, a dynamite roll, and an alaska roll! I’ve been going to Sushi Garden for years now and I swear, I never get tired of eating the same thing over and over again. Hmmm now that I think about it, this probably explains why I always go for sushi most of the time!



Salmon Nigiri (part of the party tray):

Same for all the other rolls and nigiri, the rice was a bit dry and bland with no rice vinegar taste. The salmon nigiri was not too bad in terms of taste and texture, but it was kind of lukewarm so that was a slight turn off.

Tuna Nigiri (part of the party tray):

This was also not too bad and not mushy like how the tuna in most places are.

Ebi Nigiri (part of the party tray):

The ebi was good, sweet and still had a nice snap to them!

Unagi Nigiri (part of the party tray):

Unagi is always a favourite amongst my family (and I’m sure majority of the Vancouver population)! The unagi was not bad, covered in enough sauce and there weren’t bones hidden in them.



Chopped Scallop Nigiri (part of the party tray):

love chopped scallop and this one was really good! Personal favourite of mine from Sushi Garden :)

Tobico Nigiri (part of the party tray):

Salmon roe (tobico) is usually well liked by kids since they seem to enjoy the texture of popping them! Once upon a time, I used to like them a lot but now I don’t have much of an opinion for it. It is what it is, and I suppose it’s good that it doesn’t taste like anything else…?

California Roll (part of the party tray):

The california rolls were pretty good, better than prepackaged ones, that’s for sure (Safeway, I’m looking at you)! Avocado was fresh and the amount of mayo that they mix with the imitation crab meat was quite light.



Chopped Scallop Roll (part of the party tray):

Basically the same as the nigiri version, this was delicious and there’s nothing else to say about it!



Dynamite Roll (part of the party tray):

This roll is my mom’s personal favourite because she doesn’t really eat raw fish so this is a good alternative for her. The batter was not too thick and the cucumbers were really fresh! The dynamite rolls at Sushi Garden are bigger compared to some other restaurants (ahem… Tsukiji) which I think is better because they’re not cheap and my heart breaks a little when I see dynamite rolls that are even smaller than California rolls!

Smoked Salmon Roll (part of the party tray):

I never really eat this, since only my brother loves it. It’s a good choice for those that love their smoked salmon! It was pretty standard and once again, the cucumbers were really fresh and crunchy.

House Roll (part of the party tray):

The house roll is HUGE (albeit not as big as Samurai Sushi’s) and I have to eat this in sections. This is a pretty good option for those that want a  little bit of everything. It’s not bad, just a bit overwhelming for me.



Dynamite Roll:

Same as above :)

Alaska Roll:

The avocados were a bit too mushy and didn’t taste really fresh this time. The citrus sauce was good though, tangy and delicious! Besides the overly mushy avocados, this roll was pretty good.


The total for the meal came to around $54. Not bad, though the price isn’t exactly really really cheap and the quality isn’t exceptional good. Sushi Garden is Korean-owned though, so this isn’t the place to go to for authenticity. Nevertheless, it is a local favourite and the wait is always really long during peak times, so either go during before and after peak times or just opt for take-out. In general, the food isn’t bad and you will feel happy and full after a meal!
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