Chop Steakhouse: Keep Your Mac & Cheese FAR Away from Friends

One of the benefits of having a job now, besides having a cash flow once again, is the company-paid holiday dinners! About a week ago, we held our Christmas dinner (in January because we had to wait until business died down first after the holiday frenzy!) at Chop Steakhouse.

Chop Steakhouse is located in Richmond, in the area of the Sandman Hotel, but it is difficult to get to by public transportation. The interior of the restaurant is exceptionally beautiful and I would pay another trip just to look at the design again! From the corridor that connects the restaurant to the lounge, to their spacious washrooms decorated with ornate mirrors and a fountain statue, and their giant delicate-looking spherical lamps at the table, I wish that the lighting wasn’t so dim so that I could have taken a few pictures! Beware, the pictures that I did take of the food are not very pretty…

photo 1

Virgin Pink Lemonade:

As I am still underaged (only a few more months to go, so close but yet so far!), I ordered a virgin pink lemonade (although my co-workers did attempt to order an alcoholic drink for me, shame on them!). It was pretty good, tangy and I loved the sorbet that topped the drink!


photo 3

Braised Boneless Beef Ribs ($25.95):

This dish wasn’t bad, the beef was very tender, although it felt like the wine sauce flavouring wasn’t as strong as it should have been and the meat was not marinated for long enough. However, it still tasted pretty good and the portion is not bad for the price! The mashed potatoes were delicious – creamy, rich, and different from other restaurants with the hint of a wasabi-like flavour that was infused into them. The vegetables were plain and simple, nothing else to say.


photo 2

Mac & Cheese ($7.95):

Of course, I had to order the mac & cheese! Along with the challenge of trying out every fast food Chinese food there is, I also try to get the mac & cheese whenever I can! The mac & cheese at Chop was so delicious, the pasta was sufficiently covered with a strong cheddar taste and the pasta was cooked al dente, not too soft. It basically was a dish of sinfully fattening goodness! In fact, I had ordered this for only myself but ended up having to share it with the whole table! It was also a pretty big portion for the price and quality.


photo 4

Dessert Trio ($10.95):

And finally, I had to have dessert! The dessert trio consists of mini versions of their Carribean Rum Cake, Raspberry Crème Brulée, and Chocolate Cake. The Carribean Rum Cake was kind of boring tasting, the rum taste was not really prominent but the walnuts that topped the cake were a nice addition. The Raspberry Crème Brulée had a nice caramelized sugar layer. However, the crème brulée was still in a liquid form at the bottom of the cup. The Chocolate Cake was really good, rich and decadent and the portion was big enough to be satisfied but not too much that it would become overwhelming.


In general Chop Steakhouse is not a bad option for a special occasion or a fancy date. While the food isn’t exceptionally good, the interior design and decor is. The prices are quite high though for a chain restaurant, which is to be expected since it is near a hotel. However, if you go there for the ambiance and don’t walk in with extremely high expectations of the food, then you will walk out feeling pretty satisfied!
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