Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle: Have Caution When Using Their Washrooms

So, in my attempt to save money and not spend so much on food all the time, I’ve resorted to starving for about 6 hours in between meals so as to not snack all the time at school! That challenge… did not go so well for me. I cracked a few days ago, decided to go out with some friends to get lunch, and made yet another dent in my wallet. There goes my new year’s resolution :(


Since I still had a class later on in the day, we couldn’t go too far so we decided to just go to Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle, which is situated in the Wesbrook Village area at UBC. When we arrived, it was still quite busy, which was too be expected since this place is still fairly new, and we had to wait around 15 minutes before we got our table. The wait wasn’t that bad, I just stared at the moving noodle figure at the front of the restaurant!

photo 4

Award-Winning Beef Shank, Tendon & Tripe with Noodle in Soup ($10.95):

My bowl of noodles came with 4 tripe pieces, 3 tendon pieces, and 3 beef shank pieces! Not bad for the price! The tripe was good, the tendon was good, and the beef shank was flavourful and quite tender without it being too soft and completely falling apart. I chose the flat noodles and they were slightly chewy, not too soft and overcooked. The broth was also flavourful and rich with the beef flavour. Overall, it was a pretty good bowl of beef noodles.

photo 5

Marinated Beef Wrap ($7.25):

These were expensive, but there were 8 pieces and each piece was quite large! Usually, in a traditional marinated beef wrap, there is a sprig or two of green onions but there wasn’t any at all in these wraps! In fact, they were overloaded with A LOT of cucumbers, which took away some of the flavouring of the beef. Don’t know if it was a mistake from the kitchen or just the way that they make it! Also, the dough wasn’t flaky and didn’t taste really fresh. Not saying that it was difficult to chow down on the beef wraps, it was just kinda satisfactory and not up to the level that I was expecting from this establishment.

In general, Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle is a good option for students or visitors that are in the UBC area compared to SUB food. Their noodles are pretty good, but I don’t have much to say about those beef wraps. Just a word of advice though: ladies, have caution when going to their washroom. The lock on the door did not work on the day that I visited and I decided to risk it and do my business really quickly, and after I was done and in the middle of pulling my pants up, one of the kitchen staff opens the door on me! Yea… it was a really awkward situation. And the worst part was, the person that opened the door was a guy! …Not really sure why he would try to go into the women’s washroom and I’m not going to ask.

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