Joey Bentall One: And I Thought Service at a Chinese Restaurant was Bad…

So a while back, I was with my mom shopping at downtown (because of course, I don’t need to pay for the clothes if my mommy is with me :)) and we decided to just drop by Joey’s for a light dinner since I’ve always enjoyed my visits to there. Well, not this time… But first, let’s talk about the food!

photo 1

Japanese Gyoza ($11):

These were really good dumplings and an excellent appetizer! The wrapper was thin and did not break upon contact, and the gyoza’s were delicious. The sauce had a very strong sesame flavour to it that helped enhance the flavours and was a nice pairing. I would definitely get this again!


photo 3

Ahi Tuna Club w/ Yam Fries ($17.75):

Not quite sure why I took a picture with the fries in the front instead of the sandwich.. Anyways, the ahi tuna club may look tiny in the picture, but it was actually a pretty big portion! The tuna was a bit overcooked though, so it was a bit tougher than previous times. I especially love the sweetness that comes from the sweet pepper relish, it helps make the sandwich taste a bit different and it’s simply delicious. The bun was light and fluffy and I really enjoyed this choice. The yam fries were also good, piping hot and sweet.


I always enjoy the food at Joey. However, the service is a whole different story. I’ve  experienced the WORST service ever out of all the restaurants that I’ve been to over the years. Our waitress did not bother to check up on us at all, didn’t refill our water, spoke to us in a condescending tone, and did not even bother to smile at us. Now, if this was a busy night, then I would understand completely for the lack of service that is expected in such a restaurant. However, it was a quiet evening and I can assure you that the waitress was not frazzled at all. So I would definitely recommend the food, but do go to another location and avoid this one.
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3 thoughts on “Joey Bentall One: And I Thought Service at a Chinese Restaurant was Bad…

  1. Hi Ash,

    I am sorry to hear about your recent experience JOEY Bentall One. I would love the opportunity to speak with you in order to further address the poor service that your received.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best wishes,

    Keiko Read
    Guest Relations Manager
    JOEY Restaurants

    • Hello Keiko,

      I really appreciate your response and desire to address any issues that are present during a customer’s dining experience, something that is not done by other restaurants most of the time. I have always enjoyed my visits to Joey Bentall One in the past, and I do hope that this particularly unpleasant visit was only the result of the actions of our waitress, and does not represent the entire team. Being in retail and having to deliver exceptional customer service myself, I do hope that our waitress is aware of her inexcusable actions and be reprimanded appropriately. I am actually planning to visit another Joey location in the near future because I really do enjoy the food and would like to compare the service across different locations.

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