Aotoya Blue Door Japanese Restaurant: Simple and Delicious Food!

I’ve always wanted to go to Aotoya Blue Door Japanese Restaurant for the longest time but my mom wasn’t so keen on the idea because she didn’t believe that there could be good Japanese food in the area. It probably doesn’t help that Supreme Pizza next door doesn’t even look like a pizza shop… But I managed to convince her to give Aotoya a chance and she was impressed by the meal! Continue reading


Jang Mo Jib: A Giant Hot Pot All to Myself :)

Guys, I’ve realized that I eat a lot of Korean food nowadays. In the past, I used to rarely get Korean food because I always associated it with bbq and that can get very pricey! But as I slowly tried more of the different dishes that constitutes Korean cuisine, I’ve been craving a lot more for it. Therefore, today’s post is about Korean food again – this time it’s Jang Mo Jib! Continue reading

IMG_1027 copy

Cafe Xu Hue: Bun Bo Hue!

Another visit from quite a while back! My brother and I were in need of a quick lunch and since we were already heading down Kingsway, I suggested that we go to Cafe Xu Hue. Hey, might as well let him try what Bun Bo Hue is supposed to taste like since he only eats the one from Pho Hong! Because we had a late lunch, I was sad that they had already ran out of banh mi’s for the day though :( Continue reading


Sura: Cheap Lunch Specials

While I believe that Sura’s dinner menu is too expensive for such small portions, their lunch specials are a great deal! For either $15 or $20 each person, you get a whole variety of small dishes that will cover the whole table. Since my mom and I were in Aberdeen doing some grocery shopping, we decided to just head over to Sura for lunch. And since my mom was paying, of course I had to go for the $20 menu ;) Continue reading


Sushiful: Supposedly Good Sushi at Cheap Prices?

Ah Sushiful. I remember when you were first opened and I saw all the raving reviews that kept popping up on UrbanSpoon. I won’t lie, it seemed a bit suspicious to me but I was hopeful that there would be a good sushi place near home. It took me awhile to finally make a visit but was the food as good as I had anticipated it to be? Read on to find out… Continue reading