Cafe Gloucester: Is That Soup in a Gravy Boat??

This is one of those visits from a very long time ago! It was late at night and Cafe Gloucester seemed like a good place for dinner. FYI, I was third-wheeling my brother and his girlfriend during this meal… I don’t care though, as long as I have food ;)


Sole Fillet with Corn Sauce:

First of all, this is the nicest plating I’ve ever seen at a HK-style cafe! The sole fillet was pretty good, flaky and lightly seasoned. The vegetables weren’t mushy and overcooked, so that’s always good! Now you’re probably wondering, where’s the corn sauce? Well…



The corn sauce was served on a separate plate along with the rice! Strangely, the sauce tasted just like the cream of corn soup that they serve… which meant that it was heavy and starchy without much of a corn flavour. Below are the other dishes that were ordered:



Baked Seafood on Rice


IMG_1005 copy

BBQ Duck with Noodles in Soup


I find myself frequenting Cafe Gloucester when choosing a place that will please everyone. The menu is huge so there’s always something for everyone! The food is alright but it’s on the pricier side so I wouldn’t purposely make a trip to there. Service is pretty bad, but that’s expected from such establishments!
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Curry Express: Not Bad for Food Court Food

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve reviewed food court food! It’s too bad that my work is at the complete opposite side of the food court since I’m too lazy to head over. I was really craving butter chicken though so I walked for five minutes over to the food court (oh the torture!) to satisfy my craving.


Yes, I did start eating the naan before I took this picture! The naan was average and a bit soggy.



Surprisingly, there was actually a lot of pieces of chicken! The portion size was pretty big for the price. The butter chicken was on the blander side but it was still very creamy. Predictably, the rice was quite dry but at least there’s a lot of sauce available.


Not the best butter chicken ever, but not too bad from a food court. This was cheap so I wouldn’t mind getting it again from time to time. I also got a samosa but ate it before I took pictures and that was pretty good!
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Gold Train Express II: That MSG Overload.

Unlike most of my food adventures, I had never expected to end up at Gold Train Express! I was actually walking past to head to Strike because I wanted some Taiwanese food. But because it was a really windy day, I was shivering in the cold and the temptation of a piping hot bowl of pho for a cheap price lured me in…


Cha Gio ($4.50):

The spring rolls were very crispy and the filling was flavourful, but a tad too mushy.



I can’t remember which pho I got but it clearly had rare beef and tripe in it! I got the large size and the portion was pretty big. I remember the beef being tough and too chewy. The noodles were clumped together and had a slightly weird aftertaste. The broth was quite sweet and sure enough, I was feeling very thirsty soon after my meal.


While the pho may have warmed me up from the cold, I was soon regretting my decision as I started guzzling down water afterwards! The portions are big and the prices are cheap but don’t expect much.
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Nando’s: Post-Midterm Remedy!

Back at Nando’s again! This time, I decided to go to the Kerrisdale location since it was on the way back from school. I had just finished a midterm that night and was feeling a bit hungry after doing accounting calculations for several hours… so Nando’s seemed like a good choice for some chicken and fries!


Double Leg Combo ($14.96):

First of all, the portion size is SO much bigger than the Burnaby location! I feel like I was cheated during my previous experience of Nando’s… As expected, the chicken was tender and a bit spicy from the peri peri sauce! It was satisfying and made me feel better after that horrible midterm :) I also “attempted” to be healthy by getting vegetables as one of my sides. That didn’t work out too well as the veggies were quite oily but at least they were fresh and crunchy to eat!



For my second side, I decided to go for the peri peri fries. The fries were sufficiently crispy and delicious because of the seasoning.


This Nando’s experience was much better than my previous one because I didn’t feel like the portion size was too small! It’s still quite expensive though but I don’t mind going back once in a while for some bbq chicken.
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Church’s Chicken: Happiness for $5 :)

As a child, my family would get KFC on the weekends because it was conveniently located in the mall. Those were the only times that I could eat anything unhealthy so I always looked forward to the weekend! I didn’t like KFC much though because the chicken was always quite dry but it was either that or no deep-fried goodness at all :( Well fast-forward to today where I’m now supposedly a mature and independent adult who is expected to make the right choices… I can get fried chicken whenever I want to! So that means I can head to Church’s Chicken whenever I get cravings :)


Church’s Chicken is definitely better than KFC! The fried chicken is so crispy on the outside but extremely juicy and tender on the inside :) It’s seasoned without being too salty and I always wish that I had ordered more afterwards. I also love their crinkle cut fries that are crispy with just a slight flavouring of salt.



The same deal at the Fraser St. location! Still as delicious and I was given so many fries this time :)


Make sure you use their coupons or else it’ll be really expensive! I know fried chicken isn’t good for my health at all but it’s always worth it. Just writing this post has me craving for Church’s Chicken right now, mmmmm!
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Ramengers: Mmmm… that Chashu.

This visit to Ramengers was from a very long time ago… so long ago that I can’t even remember the types of ramen that were ordered! So apologies for not being able to provide an accurate review of Ramengers, but please enjoy the photos of delicious ramen :)

I do remember that the chashu was really good since it was so tender and fatty. There was a nice smokiness to it from being seared! The noodles were alright but I felt that they were too soft and not bouncy enough. The broth wasn’t too memorable but the portion size was pretty good for the price. I also got a chashu onigiri and that was delicious!

photo 4


photo 5


photo 3
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