Yah Yah Ya Ramen: Ramen in Richmond

I actually never planned beforehand to go to Yah Yah Ya Ramen. It was a rainy day and I was out in Richmond with my mom when we decided to eat out for lunch. And I REALLY didn’t want to go to Deer Garden again… Luckily, I remembered that Yah Yah Ya Ramen was nearby so we decided to go check it out!

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Gyoza ($5):

The gyozas were decent with a relatively thin wrapper and the filling was moist although I felt like it was lacking some porky flavour. While the gyozas were delicious, they are a bit expensive and I don’t feel like they are a must-order item.


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Ramen Set ($13):

The Ramen Set comes with your choice of ramen flavour and a small portion of their negi-chashu don. I decided to go for the shoyu with hard noodles, heavy taste, and normal oil. Hey, if I’m getting ramen, I might as well indulge, right? First taste and I was indeed hit with the strong flavours but not a lot of depth. While it did get a bit salty for me towards the end, it’s better than a bland broth. The noodles had quite a bit of bite to them, just like how I wanted them to be and the chashu was melt-in-your-mouth tender. The ramen was satisfying and the portion was quite large.


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Negi-Chashu Don:

Doesn’t it look so cute and yummy?!? Taste-wise though, I found the chashu to be quite dry and not like the piece in the ramen. The mayo added some much needed moisture to the dish. The green onions helped to cut through the heaviness by adding some fresh contrast. This was pretty filling so I was stuffed after the meal!


I like that Yah Yah Ya Ramen allows me to enjoy ramen without having to head all the way downtown. While the food isn’t out of this world and doesn’t compare to the ramen shops downtown, it’s still a good option if you’re in the area. Service was extremely friendly and attentive during my visit so that made the overall experience better :)
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Anton’s: Humongous Servings of Pasta for the Carb Lovers!

Wow, it’s been over a year since I’ve last been to Anton’s! Not that the pasta was ever particularly good, but I can’t resist being able to also figure out my lunch for the next day since the portions are massive! It was an extremely chilly evening during my visit and I couldn’t wait to get inside and dig into some comforting carbs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one with the same sentiment as we still had to wait outside in the freezing cold for 20 minutes on a Wednesday night for a table for 2. Did I mention that we got there at 8:30PM, way past the usual dinner time…

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Complimentary bread was served first and it didn’t do much to subdue the chill inside me. The bread was cold and although the interior was soft and pillowy, the crust was tough to chew through. Not that I expected much anyways since I was only looking forward to the pasta!


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Conchiglie Frutti di Mare ($16.95):

My usual go-to dish when I’m at Anton’s! A very large dish consisting of mixed seafood and mushrooms in a cream sauce, it’s a safe choice to go for when I’m not feeling adventurous. Pasta was cooked nicely al dente and coated thoroughly in the cream sauce. The sauce tastes quite heavy and I don’t even want to know how fattening it is, but it helps to flavour the dish. The seafood is sparse and of the frozen variety, but I didn’t expect much. At least it was not overcooked and rubbery!


photo 1

Meat Lasagna ($16.95):

We were warned that it would take 30 minutes to prepare the lasagna. While it was still satisfying to eat (seriously, who could possibly hate carbs?), I didn’t think it was worth waiting so long for it to come out. I found that the lasagna noodles were overcooked, too soft and breaking apart really easily. There was an abundance of ricotta cheese filling that was balanced by the tangy tomato sauce that surrounded the giant mound in the middle.


Anton’s is always great at satisfying my carb cravings but don’t expect high quality food. It is definitely quantity over quality here but the pasta is still pretty good when you’re hungry, as evident by the very long line-ups. Service was wonderful during this particular occasion, as we were checked up on multiple times by a very cheerful older woman.
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Little Caesar’s Pizza: $5 Pizza. 20 Minutes of Happiness.

I’ve been going through some depression lately. Probably a combination of working too much, going to school for something that I’m not passionate about, and this growing uneasiness of what I’m doing with life since I’ll be graduating soon. So as you can see, I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while but I’m hoping that 2015 will be a better year :) As a result, I’ve been craving greasy junk food to eat away my sorrows and I decided to go to Little Caesar’s one day. Spontaneous decision that is bad for my health but I don’t care.


Pepperoni Pizza:

Little Caesar’s offers their pepperoni pizza for only $5 and it is hot-n-ready. I don’t want to know how long the pizza’s probably been sitting there but at least it was still edible. The crust is too chewy and bland, the pepperoni is also surprisingly bland, and the cheese has a similar texture to plastic. However, it was just what I needed to distract myself from some dark thoughts and give me 20 minutes of happiness.


Would I go back to Little Caesar’s Pizza on a regular day? No, but it sure did give me temporary bliss during the short time that we had together.
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Tropika: Decent Malaysian Food

So, stupid me decided to forget to write about my visit to Tropika from over a month ago! I knew university was bad for my mental health… As a result, I won’t be able to comment thoroughly on the taste as my memory is failing me but I hope my pictures will still be a useful guide :)


Tahu Goreng:

The tofu was fried up very nicely where it wasn’t too oily and it was silky and smooth. I also liked the sweet soy sauce that came as an accompaniment.



Lamb Satays:

Displaying a decent char, the lamb satays were pretty tender and did not taste too gamey. The peanut sauce that it came with was chunky but it was still too mild in taste.



Roti Canai:

I can’t remember how many orders we got but the portion was really small for the price. The roti canai was pretty good; soft, flaky, and buttery. I do remember the curry sauce being extremely bland though.



Sambal Green Beans:

The beans were very flavourful with a nice spiciness to them. This was one of my favourite dishes for the night.



Hainanese Chicken:

This was definitely disappointing. The chicken was bland and worse, the meat was so dry and tough.



Pineapple Fried Rice with Ham and Chicken:

Composed of mainly rice and not much ham and chicken, I found the fried rice to be lacking some flavour and could barely detect the sweetness from the pineapples.



Sambal Clams:

These were another favourite as the portion size was not bad. The clams were pretty plump and had a fresh taste. They were tasty coated in the samba sauce.



Char Bee Hoon:

The noodles were a bit wet and tasted quite bland. There were a generous amount of fish cake slices and a few pieces of shrimp. Alright dish but I probably won’t order this again.



Spicy Squid (?):

Sorry, I’m not sure what the name of this dish is! The squid pieces were marinated in a tangy and slightly spicy sauce with some bell peppers and onions. The squid was a bit chewier than I would have liked but this dish was actually quite tasty.


In general, Tropika serves up decent Malaysian food although there are a few dishes that I would not order again. The prices are pretty high so don’t come here if you’re expecting a cheap meal! I also find that the service can be good or bad depending on your luck.

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Cafe de l’Orangerie: Delicious Yoshoku-Style Dishes!

I’ve been wanting to visit Cafe de l’Orangerie for the LONGEST time. Hearing about the delicious food from my friends and seeing the reviews online, I was very eager to see if the positive reviews were true. Unfortunately, it’s not located in the most convenient location for me so when I was in the area, I made sure that my family would make a stop there for lunch!


Poutine Orangerie-Style (Small – $6.25):

Is it weird that I found the fries to be like Costco fries? You can’t mistake that very peculiar taste and crispiness! Instead of the typical cheese curds, small triangles of cheese slices were scattered throughout. I actually liked the use of beef stew instead of gravy because the poutine didn’t get too salty but it was still flavourful. The portion size was good for sharing.



Curry with Hamburger Steak ($10.95):

Served in a large dish, the curry had a thicker consistency with plenty of diced vegetables in it. It wasn’t too strong, typical of Japanese curries, but you can definitely taste the spices as they travel down your throat. The hamburger steak was moist and not too dense although it did seem a tad under seasoned. All in all, a hearty dish that would be good for a rainy day!



Masago de Creamy Spaghetti + Sunny-side Egg ($9.80 + $1.50):

Oh my goodness, this pasta was delicious! The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente. The sauce was creamy with an unmistakable seafood flavour but it was not too overly rich. The bits of masago scattered throughout provided a nice textural crunch to the dish. I only wish that there was some more squid and mushrooms in the pasta.



Spaghetti Carbonara ($9.80):

This dish is definitely the heavier of the two pastas that we got. The sauce was creamy and sinfully rich with a saltier taste from the bacon. It seemed to be an even bigger portion than the other pasta! If I had this all to myself, I’m sure I would have some difficulty finishing the whole thing.


I’m so glad that I was finally able to try Cafe de l’Orangerie and my goodness, I cannot wait until my next visit! The food was nothing fancy but it was delicious and so satisfying. The prices aren’t too high and the portions are quite generous. Service was also extremely polite and friendly. I really wanted to try the desserts too but I was stuffed after all that food so I’ll have to wait until next time!
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T&T: Convenient During Busy Times

I’ve been busy with meetings recently so my eating schedule is a bit messed up with lunch being at 3 and dinner at 9 :( Sigh, such is life. So, I’ve had to enjoy many meals in the luxury of my old and stuffy car. While driving. Yea, it probably wouldn’t be wise to copy me… Anyways, I decided to grab some food from T&T the other day since I haven’t had food from there in a long time and it was convenient!


Salmon Crazy Sushi ($7.99):

The farmed salmon nigiri was actually not as bad as I had been expecting, the salmon was smooth and buttery although lacking flavour. The rice, predictably, was dry and a little hard without any flavouring. The wild salmon nigiri had a slight fishy taste to it and the tamago nigiri was bland and lacked fluffiness. The california roll was pretty good with a minimal amount of rice and a decent crab meat mixture.



Mango Tapioca Cup:

Of course, I can’t forget about dessert! I actually quite enjoyed this since there is a strong taste of mango and plenty of little tapioca pearls. The pudding is on the stiffer side though and becomes quite heavy as you get down to the last few bites.


T&T does its job by providing an astounding variety of food items for the busy person on the go. While the food isn’t the best and the prices aren’t the cheapest, it’s convenient and at least I know it will suppress my hunger for a few more hours.
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