Mt. Fuji Sushi: No Longer Good :(

I’ve blogged about Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant before back when it was still relatively new. The food was pretty good and the service was really friendly! Since then, I’ve only went a few times more and then didn’t drop by for almost a year. I did make a visit back there a few months back and I was disappointed to see that the ownership had changed :(


Gyoza ($5):

Although a lot of pieces were given for the price, these were pretty bad. The gyozas were oily and deep-fried for too long, making them really difficult to bite through. The filling was sparse and bland.



Chirashi Don ($11):

I was sad to see that I could no longer order an oyako don so I decided to go with the chirashi don. Strangely, it was presented in a typical rectangular styrofoam takeout box instead of a bowl. The sashimi was quite bad, some were still half-frozen in texture and others were tough and too chewy. It didn’t seem like the sashimi was very fresh at all. The rice underneath was also dry and bland.


It’s too bad that the food isn’t good anymore. Even though prices are still reasonable, the quality of the food is just not good enough for me to come back again. Guess I’ll have to head out further for Japanese food again now.
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Bangkok City Cafe: Thai Food in Kits

Let’s be honest here, I hate going to class. I find it so difficult to focus and heaven forbid if a prof picks on me and asks me a question… In fact, I’m on the laptop most of the time reading up about food and restaurants! So when I was “researching” for my next food adventure, I came across Bangkok City Cafe and found that it had a very high rating. And guess where I headed off to after class was over? ;)


Tom Yum Kai ($4.50):

Spicy hot and sour soup with chicken and mushrooms. Right off the bat, I was very surprised by the vibrant red colour of the soup. The soup did indeed have a sour note to it and while it wasn’t extremely spicy, you do feel the heat start to build up as you sip through it. The chicken was too dry though and was tough to chew.


IMG_1239 copy

Pad See-Iw ($11.25):

Is it just me or do all Thai places have really small portions? The pad see-iw did have a nice caramelized soy-sauce flavour with a strong wok hei. There were ample amounts of chicken and egg scattered throughout.


IMG_1241 copy

Pisang Goreng:

Of course, I had to also get dessert :) The bananas were soft and a tad mushy but very sweet. I didn’t like the wrapper being used though because it was very difficult to bite through it and made the dessert not as enjoyable.


I have some mixed feelings about Bangkok City Cafe. The food was good, but it wasn’t as spectacular as I had expected it to be. Although the prices are reasonable for typical Thai food, I feel like some improvements could still be made. It does seem to be a popular choice for those in the area though with steady take-out orders!
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Denny’s: It’s That Time of the Year Again!

It’s that time of the year again! It’s always tradition for me to get Denny’s on the morning of my birthday since I can get a free grand slam. Hey, can’t blame me, I just can’t say no to free food ;) So this year, I decided to head over to the Marpole location since I’ve never been there before and it was filled with people first thing in the morning!


Grand Slam:

Denny’s always seems to taste better when it’s free! I chose to get scrambled eggs and they were a bit bland but it balanced the saltiness of the bacon and sausages. The pancakes were nice and fluffy, and does a pretty good job in filling you up!



Ultimate Omelette ($11.69):

And because I knew that the free grand slam would not be enough food for me, I also ordered the ultimate omelette! This was a pretty generous portion size and the omelette was packed with a lot of different ingredients. The hash browns were crispy but bland so it definitely needed some ketchup.



You also get 2 slices of bread along with the omelette, in case it wasn’t enough food for you. I went for multigrain bread and it’s always crispy and lightly buttered. Absolutely delicious with some jam!



Moons Over My Hammy ($10.79):

Don’t worry, this dish wasn’t mine as well! My brother decided to go for the Moons Over My Hammy and graciously offered me a few bites from his dish. The sandwich is just scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese but it was so comforting to eat. I also love the distinct taste of sourdough bread. The onion rings were really crispy.


Denny’s will always have a special place in my heart even though the food is not the greatest. Being the glutton that I am, I can never turn down free food, especially if it’s greasy but comforting breakfast food! The service was very friendly compare to other locations and I will head back over here more frequently.
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Pho King Thai Hoa: Well, The Banh Mi was Decent.

Wow I dug these photos out from the recesses of my laptop! This visit was during winter and my brother and I were looking for a place for a late dinner. I’ve never been to Pho King Thai Hoa before but he’s been there a few times with friends and he said it was pretty decent. Uhhhh I didn’t know whether I could trust that judgement… but I decided to give it a try anyways!


Lemongrass Chicken with Egg on Rice ($8.00):

Not quite sure why the rice is in the shape of a brick… I remember the lemongrass chicken being a bit tough and over charred. The best part was the egg because you can’t screw that up!



Pho Dac Biet ($7.95):

For a second, I couldn’t remember which pho I ordered and the lack of ingredients didn’t help. The portion was smaller than other restaurants. The broth was flavourful with a bit of sweetness though. The noodles weren’t good though since they were clumped together and had a strange packaged(?) taste to them.



Special Banh Mi:

We also decided to get a banh mi and it wasn’t too bad. The bread was relatively fluffy with a crispy exterior. The fillings were a bit sparse, but the cold cuts were still flavourful. As a whole, the sandwich wasn’t too bad.


The food at Pho King Thai Hoa wasn’t that great but at least the price was fairly cheap. The portions are smaller though so other restaurants will have a better value compared to them.
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NingTu Restaurant: Mmm… Deep Fried Yellow Fish with Seaweed!

Another post from a while back! Normally, I would never consider going to a restaurant like Ningtu since the restaurant exterior doesn’t look very pretty and it’s in such an unassuming location on Kingsway… But my parents were recommended by a friend to try NingTu’s deep fried yellow fish and peking duck so off we went one night for dinner.

IMG_1079 copy

Peking Duck:

The peking duck is mostly skin so for those who like some meat attached to the skin, they might not enjoy this very much. The duck skin was extremely crispy though.



The wraps that came with the duck were a bit different from other restaurants! They were a bit doughier and on the oilier side.



Since we were all starving, we happily munched away on our wraps. And then, a giant pile of lettuce appeared on the table! Which could only mean that the next dish would be…


IMG_1083 copy

Minced Duck with Lettuce Wrap:

The minced duck was a pretty big portion. Although I did find that the duck was a bit on the drier side, the dish as a whole was seasoned well.


IMG_1086 copy

Because we were worried that we would need some carbs to fill us up, we decided to get a fried rice cakes dish. We got fried rice cakes with pork and some greens. The rice cakes were soft without much bite to them. As a whole, the dish was quite oily and a bit saltier than we would have liked.


IMG_1089 copy

Deep Fried Yellow Fish with Seaweed:

Definitely the best dish of the night! It tasted like what an Asian version of fish and chips would be. The batter was extremely light with a faint taste of seaweed. It wasn’t too oily or heavy-tasting and the fish was nice and flaky.


IMG_1092 copy

Xiao Long Bao:

The xiao long bao’s had a relatively thin skin that didn’t break apart upon the slightest touch. There could have been more soup inside but the filling was nicely-seasoned.


While the peking duck was not bad, I would definitely come back for the deep fried yellow fish with seaweed! Overall, the dishes are pretty good and prices are not too high. The service was also really friendly and attentive.
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Silver Tower: Convenient Eats!

Silver Tower is a good place to go to if you’re looking for a restaurant for some late night eats because they close at 3 or 4 AM! I’ve been there way too many times for late night chats but I’ve never gotten bored of the food because HK-style cafes always have an extensive menu. This visit wasn’t for late-night eats though, it was just regular dinner time with the family! This was too long ago though, so I can’t provide much commentary but I do hope that the photos will be helpful :)


Cold Lemon Tea



Cold Milk Tea



Hot Almond Milk



Hot Milk Tea



Russian Borscht:

The soup was very thin in consistency and a bit sour with a strong tomato taste.



Cream Soup:

Pretty starchy with a few bits of corn scattered throughout.



Singapore Style Stir Fried Vermicelli:

The vermicelli was a pretty good dish with ample seasoning from the spices. It was just a little bit spicy but nothing unbearable! There were a lot of ingredients in the dish like shrimp, eggs, and char siu.



Baked Pork Chop Cutlet with Tomato Sauce on Rice:

The baked pork chop arrived in a large dish. The tomato sauce was more tart than sweet which meant a lesser use of ketchup. The pork cutlet was fairly tender with a still crispy crust.


IMG_1043 copy

House Special Chow Mein:

There were a lot of toppings for this dish. I found the noodles to be a bit soggy though because of all the sauce and ingredients on top.



Shrimps and Swirl Egg with Rice Noodle:

The shrimps and swirl egg with rice noodle was lightly salted and the shrimps had a nice bouncy texture to them. The sauce was quite starchy though and a bit too gooey in texture. The noodles were a bit overcooked and harder to pick up but the dish as a whole was okay.


Silver Tower has a huge menu for you to choose from and all the dishes are reasonably priced. It’s located conveniently on Alexandra Road and open until very late at night. The service is pretty good and they don’t rush you during your meal so you can eat happily!
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